#FitnessFriday - The Sunday Morning Check-In :-)

Hey There!
Happy Sunday to Everyone!
Yes yes I know its Sunday, I missed Friday by almost 48 hours, eeps! oh well, I DID exercise! So Thumbs up to me and all you ladies that followed along, I LUV a plan and a goal, it just makes things so much easier and track-able.

PROS of this Week:
(1) The Midday Jump Rope session is a God-send! Honestly for anyone who has a ridiculously busy schedule like I do,
i.e. weekends and public holidays are luxuries and its not unheard of to be on duty for up to 72 hours straight, yuckie yuckie, LOL
Then you'll love the Midday Jump Rope Session!

It's pretty simple, at lunch time, I just get my Jump rope put on my relaxed-exercise clothes, 
its only 5-6mins so really and truly no fanciness required,
And I put on my song of the day:
Machel Montano - Fog x2 because I LOVE this song
And just jump rope for the entirety of the songs
And it makes a difference, you feel like you have accomplished something, AND its harder than it sounds, give it a try!
Thanks Olanzo for the idea!

(2) The Pinterest Exercise List: Another God send!
If I don't have time to make it to a class, this is something I can do on my veranda at any point, and I make it a point to do it before I go to bed, and this is not a negotiation, it MUST be done before I go to bed.

CONS of this Week:
I never made it to spin class, not once. Sigh. But I'll try for this week coming, because Spin Class is AMAZING for burning Calories and melting away the fat.

I did not run every morning this past week. And I'm a little sad about that because that's my favorite form of exercise, I LOVE to run (wow there's a lot of "luv/love" in this post, lol).
I did find out that a good friend of mine, Nicole runs every morning at 5 am,
So I now have a running partner starting from tomorrow, I'm extra excited about this, and I'll let you know how it goes.

So that was my #FitnessFriday check in on the Sunday morning.
I hope you ladies are having a great weekend, and feel free to join me this week on my fitness/summer-body quest!

Feel free to join in on the #FitnessFriday Link-up over at SavingOurStrands:

Rachie :-)


  1. What girl that's my song!! The idea of simply skipping to your favourite song...especially a soca song sounds so easy. I'm all in :) Do you like Machel Montano - EPIC? LOVE IT :)

    1. Luv EPIC, girl everything Machel Montano sell off! Lol Soca is easiest genre of music to workout to, for me at least. :-) Yay! I'm glad your joining me :-) Thanks for stopping by!