Twist Take-down - Big Hair :-)

Heya, Happy Sunday!
I'm working this weekend, but I had to take down the twists to redo them, I try to not go longer than 10 days because:
(1) My hair tangles at the line of demarcation soon after this time period
(2) I need to deep condition AT LEAST once a week to keep my hair happy.... it's still recovering form December 2014, lol.

With LENGTH RETENTION in mind I was -well I tried for the most part - very very GENTLE with my strands on taking down the twists, to keep BREAKAGE at a MINIMUM.

(1) I Finger Detangled first
(2) Then used my wide toothed comb
(3) Then the Denman Brush

Thursday Morning Babble - A Random Pick-Me-Up! :-)

Hey There Guys!

So its Thursday, "the its-not-quite-friday-day" and Lord knows I wasn't feeling the work vibe at all today. But so it go! Gotta get up and get working!

I threw my hair into a quick loose bun, and headed to work!
So, I decided I'd share a pic or 2 of how I wore my hair to work today and on a daily basis with the twists in:


Deep Conditioning in Braids - Listening to my hair!!!

Hey There Guys!
I just wanted to share a little something I noticed about my hair this weekend – Yes, I’m still learning, after all this time…

Turns out my hair Loves Deep Conditioning more often than I normally do it! At least of late it does – as in more than twice a week?!
Are you kidding?
#whohastimeforthat? Lol!

HOW I FOUND OUT: Okay, so on Saturday and Sunday I went diving, Yayness!

So I prepped my hair by putting it in braids with a twist for the last 1/3 of each section that I braided – I get less tangles this way...


"Wash Day" - Dry Deep Conditioning in Braids/Twists :-)

Hey There Guys!

So earlier this week, Monday, I decided to do a Dry Deep Conditioning Session, after which I decided that I didn't like that my braids no longer looked very neat, so I undid them and put them in twists,
This took me 4 hours!!! Crazy! My poor back and shoulders, le sigh LOL!

Okay so, Dry deep conditioning was pretty simple:

Weekend Wash Day in Braids!

Hey There Guys!

So on Friday night I decided to Wash and Deep Condition because I'm on call for the weekend and I wanted to get it out of the way before Saturday morning! I didn't want any surprises mid-treatments LOL.

 So all of you know by now that I'm currently "rockin" braids, and I plan to for the next few months, as part of the "REGAIN LENGTH AND THICKNESS" Campaign
I did everything with the braids intact - to cut down on manipulation and thus reduce chances of breakage...

Hair Care Regimen for 2015 - Keepin' it Super Simple in Braids!

Hey There Guys!
Is it me or is the New Year always full of to do lists,
and lists of to-do lists,
finding out that some of your lists are a bit long.....
so you revise the lists again! Whew!
I don't think I'm alone in this....right? I hope not... Back me up here guys! LOL!

Anyhow, I have decided to try to keep my CORE Hair Care Regimen simple and easy to stick to!

As you know from my previous post that I am currently protective styling with Plaits... oh so exciting, lol
*Pic taken this week*
Okay so no it's not (I'm a tad bit sad at the current 'thinner' state of my hair, and maybe a bit of "trimmers remorse" - if there's such a thing, ah well it needed to be done!)
it will reduce the amount of time that I have to spend on my hair on a regular basis 
I can still give my hair the TLC it needs - it needs a lot, very demanding this one, LOL


Happy New Year!...Just Married! :-)

Hey There Guys!!!
I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday and that the new year brings you all the joy, happiness and prosperity you desire
Big Hugz!

Where have I been you ask?
I got married to my best friend in the whole world on December 13th 2014 in my home town Montego Bay Jamaica! Yayness!

It was a lovely very small & intimate gathering of family and dear friends,
But don't let "small and intimate" fool you, it was nuff work and stress to prepare for so yeppers peppers I definitely wasn't able to blog at that time.
I would like to share a few pics though!

Bridal Shower...
*My lovely bridesmaids :-) Who are also on hair journeys, Woot woot!
Wedding Day...