Relaxer Stretching - 14 Weeks Post & Still Going Strong!

Hey There Guys!

So.... I'm 14 weeks post Relaxer tomorrow! (13weeks and 6 days today), whew!
My hair is trying my patience! Woiiii!
Hands up all those who are transitioning to natural OR are doing a long relaxer stretch (like me) and are LITERALLY AFRAID to unleash the beast that is your New Growth?
Guys, it's no joke, sometimes, mih 'friad! 

I took down my twists for Valentines day, and it took days for me to find a 3 hour time slot to re-twist my hair and not be tired doing it....

Lots and Lots of Poofiness - which I'm beginning to love,
but tangles at the line of demarcation... le sigh
and boy do the relaxed ends look thinner,
This is always the case when I stretch,
but it's definitely more noticeable this time, Honestly, I think that's because I have different stresses at the moment anyway, and that tends to amplify things that don't seem to be going right,
Knowing this about myself,
I'm not panicking
Not one bit
I Refuse! Lol!
 *not smoothed...
That being said, I still haven't set a date for the next Texlax session, I'm gonna keep playing it by ear
It would be nice to stretch till the last week of April...

Late last night into the early of the hours of this morning, I found the strength to put it in braids/plaits again,
(I snipped a half an inch off of each plait)
and that's how it will STAY! Until April.... I hope... :-D

(1) Continue to cut 3/4" -1" of hair every month,
(2) Considering a big cut for my birthday in April - *holds breath, lol!
(3) Twice weekly deep conditioning
(4) Be GENTLER when Manipulating my hair - I get frustrated, I know better, alas I'm only human, but seeing broken strands only adds to my stress.
(5) Revisit a "Check In" post at the end of each week to see how well I've been able to stick to my plan - evaluate whats working and what's not.
(6) Deep condition tonight in braids! :-)

I'm a work in progress, but I still aiming for "Fabbity fab" fully Texlaxed Waist Length hair by December 2015!

Rachie :-)


Happy Birthday Bob Marley! #Themanhimself #Legend

Hey There Guys!
I know this is mainly a hair journey blog, but I wanted to do this quick post in honour of The man himself, The Legend that is Robert Nesta Marley!

Born on February 6th, 1945, and left us for a better place in 1981, I'm not sure even he could fathom the immense good he did and recognition that he gave our little Island Jamaica....
Or maybe he did! *winks* One thing Jamaican man NEVER lacks is Projected Self Confidence!!!

Wash Day with Ghee Butter! :-)

Hey There!
My wash day yesterday was pretty simple:

  1. Pre-poo: with Scalp Massage oil to the scalp and Ghee Butter to the hair strands the day before Wash Day...I have been curious to try the Ghee butter for a while now, I have to say it wasn't bad! I heard it stinks but I didn't' have that experience, maybe because I only used a tablespoon, or maybe its the brand that I used? Needless to say I went around smelling mostly like lemon grass yesterday, awesome!
  2. Then I proceeded with Wash Day after work Yesterday:  Alas, I haven't had time to put my hair back in braids! Crazy, where do the hours in a day go boy....Anyhow, Turns out I have 1 inch to 1 and 1/4 inches of new growth, so it was a bit trying...
  3. Yes, so I sectioned my hair in 2 (left and right), and faced my new growth like an Adult, lol!

Rachie's 5 Tips for Stretching Your Relaxer... :-)

Hey There!

Today, Yours truly is 11 weeks and 4 days post Texlax, 

It may not seem like much now, but on reflection, I realize this is almost a MONTH more than how often I used to relax my hair, pre-hhj!

In the spirit of gratefulness, hehehe :-)
I decided to share with you guys 5 of my relaxer-stretch tips that I've gathered along my HHJ:

Monday Morning Hair Update! - Ahhh Those Bad Hair Dayz...

Hey There!
Happy Monday and Happy February!
Can you believe its February already?! Amazing...

This last week, Hair-wise hasn't been bad but it wasn't the best either, I was going good with my Regimen, Moisturizing and sealing at nights, satin scarf/pillow case, the works!

I had my hair in plaits, in larger sections this time (approx 8-10, I can't recall exactly) and I went diving on Sunday.
*woot woot! I finally got my card yesterday*

Mind you, once I put on the conditioner before I go diving I'm usually okay, but I know from past experience that the larger the plaits, the more the tangling I get after its been wet, specifically at the line of demarcation....
But I did it anyway,
Anyhow, needless to say I had to deal with a real headache this morning trying to detangle my hair with the utmost patience, and still try to be on time for work!
Profectiv Leave-in Conditioner, Castor Oil, my wide tooth comb, my Goody Brush and my Headband SAVED MY LIFE this morning, 
To my hair products and tools: I salute you guys for all you did for me this morning! LOL!