How to Texlax!

Hey There Girlies!
I've been asked on numerous occasions:
(1) What is Texlaxing?
(2) Okay so how exactly do you Texlax?
(3) How do YOU Texlax?

So finally I've gotten around to being able to answer the questions! Yay!
So here we go!

What is Texlaxing?
Basically - Texlaxing is the process of applying a Relaxer but under-processing the hair so that it still has a bit of Texture, that is, making sure the hair does not come out bone straight.

Okay, so how exactly do you Texlax?
Different people have different methods that they use - all with the aim of ensuring that the hair does not end up bone straight.
A few ways include:

  1. Using a milder strength relaxer than you normally use to obtain straight/relaxed hair
  2. Mixing in Oil or Conditioner with the Relaxer in its container before applying it to the hair - thus diluting it and reducing its "straightening powers" lol!
  3. Coating the hair (new growth) with oils or conditioner to again reduce the straightening effect of the relaxer when placed on the new growth.
  4. Using your regular relaxer - because you know this one works for your hair and you are afraid to change your relaxer and have a setback (I completely understand) - in this case (a) You can leave the relaxer on for less time OR (b) eliminate the "smoothing" part of relaxer application process
I follow lots of hair guru ladies that I have learned a lot from over the past two years,
below are the Texlaxing techniques of  2 amazing hair bloggers/vloggers
(Jeni from, and Babilon Kay from her Youtube Chanel click here).
Either one could work, it depends on you really.

When I try to Texlax on my own the next time, I may use Jeni's method, but we'll see... I'll definitely let you guys know.
Babilon Kay
( Blow drying the new growth is great because it makes it easier to part the hair and reduces breakage! Notice the use of oils on the scalp a few days prior to Texlaxing to help to protect the scalp when you do Texlax)

Jeni from JustGrowAlready
(Using the twists is just genius! It definitely reduces the breakage that you can get when trying to part the hair at the new growth)

How do YOU Texlax?
Up until this point, I have been scared to Texlax on my own, so I have used the method #3 above - I coat the new growth with Profectiv Leave-in Conditioner and Grapeseed oil pictured below.
I use ORS Lye Relaxer Normal Strength (Done by Hair Dresser)
I try to have the hairdresser leave it in for no longer than 15-17 minutes

Texlaxing has been great for me - because my  hair strands are very fine so bone straight hair often makes my hair look limp - with Texlaxing I've been able to have much more body and volume and that's awesome!
I never had that before (while relaxed).

Not every hair technique is for everyone, some will prefer to be relaxed, others would rather be natural - to each his own!
I love relaxed and natural and Texlaxed hair- all are awesome when healthy as far as I'm concerned.

Do you Texlax? If you do, what method do you use?
I'd love to hear from you guys, so feel free to leave a comment below!

Rachie :-)


  1. Such an informative post. Love it.
    I texlax by both adding EVOO to my relaxer crème and by shortening the processing time. I usually aim for 12 minutes.

    1. Wat a small world. Abbi who used to live upstairs from me and my big sis following each others hair journeys. do ur thing girlies!

    2. @ Abbi, 12 minutes! You're pro! Gosh I hope I can get mine in 15 mins when I do decide to do the next Texlaxer myself, eeps!
      @Allison - thanks Alli!

  2. I texlax by I shortening the process time, I want more texture so I'm thinking about cutting the time even more

    1. Heya Candice! Yep this seems to be the most popular way to Texlax among the Texlaxed ladies I've heard back from. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Great post!

    I have tried everything...shortening the time, adding oil to my relaxer, but I am struggling to get consistent results. I am just too experimental for my own good! lol. I need to choose one method and stick to it.

    Lungi @ HHDC

    1. Heya Lungi! I notice that just shortening the time seems to be the most popular way to Texlax, so maybe just stick to a shorter time and see how that works, and then add oil if you find that your hair has less texture than you like, ie adding things one at a time - experimenting with lots of things at once is tempting though, I know that from experience!

  4. I texlax using Jen's method because her video was self explanatory. Although I dont have uniform textures I still love texlaxing cos of the fullness it gives to my hair.

    1. Me neither girl, I don't have uniform textures because some areas process faster than others! But even my natural hair has different textures all over so that's cool with me. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  5. I'm a newbie at texlaxing and i must say the thickness it comes with is amazing. I just add oil and spend 15-18mins. I have been getting the same loose texture that i want. Great post!

    1. Yes!!! Ur hair looks so nice after your last Texlax session. Which oil do you use?

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  7. I notice that you have color in your hair. Is that permanent color? If so, did you texlax over the colored hair or did you start texlaxing the new growth only?

    I am natural and have a permanent dye in my hair but I would like to start texlaxing, but many people say that you can not use a relaxer over dyed hair. That it will fall out. But my colorist says that you can. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Yes I had a permanent Dye apparently years ago - when I had red hair - I didn't ask for permanent dye I only wanted a rinse *side eye at hair dressers* lol. But it was ok because when I started Texlaxing I didn't apply the chemicals to that part of my hair - I kept it well protected by applying Vaseline to that part of my hair before I went to the hairdresser.

      In terms of texlaxing already dyed hair..... I'd be scared too - it could turn out fine if your hair with super strong and well conditioned - but it could turn out very badly too, yikes! I guess if it was me I wouldn't take the chance,
      I'm sorry if that's not so positive, hugz.

      Let me know what you decide! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. No offense but the picture you used to represent your texlaxed hair looks awful, and makes me worry about texlaxing my own hair. It just look matted and undefined. And like you have different textures throughout each hair strand. Idk if you brushed it, or it was wet, or whatever. But it was not a good choice to use that picture. I have no intention of making you angry or offending you, I'm just being honest. I'm sure someone else was thinking it too.

    1. Hi there! I actually really love the picture I chose, the thing is I dont have one curl pattern on my head lol, I've got different ones in different places, some areas dont even curl, they zig zag. Everyones texlaxed hair is going to look different. If you're not sure, then stay natural or relaxed, whatever you are happiest with! Being happy with what you have is 90% of the hair journey :-)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time out to comment! And all the best on your HHJ! :-D

  9. I can be so late! I want to start my texlax hair journey in the coming week. For now, I have two questions.
    1. Do I use a texturizer alone, or should I use a diluted relaxer?
    2. Does timing commence from the moment I start to apply the chemical or after I have applied the relaxer on the entire hair?

  10. Hi, Please, I'd like to know how your hair grew to waist length. Thanks

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