A lil "Catch-Up" Post - What's Rachie been up to! :-)

Hey There Guys!

Lots has happened since we last saw one another, its not news to you that my life can get pretty hectic.

That being said I wanted to pop in and say Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you fantabulous mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends that act like mothers and godmothers out there!
I hope you had a fantastic day!

Throwin' it waaaay back - me and mumzie :-)

*The wine, it speaks to me...* LOL!

Gosh she was 28 when she had me, I'm 30 now... I have a new found respect for my mum! Big time!

Speaking of which....
It was my birthday on April 24th, Omg I'm no longer in my 20's #saywhat?! #timeflies!

*Of course now I'm thirty - my hair decided to give me the gift of a white hair - yayyyy - NOT, LOL!*

*wid mih frenz an DEM!* 


Okay, now on to hair!

I've been keeping things real simple,
I am on a Low Manipulation challenge-thingie.
It's not anything official, but I basically bun my hair daily, and I brush/comb my hair only on wash days.
If I must detangle for a style I will only use my fingers - WHEN I'M NOT RUSHING.

 I have been exercising in the mornings!
Yay! Finally!

It took me long enough to get re-started, but I'm glad I finally am now, especially since I am considering jumping in Carnival soon...
*winks* I'll keep y'all informed *winks*

I'll definitely be going into more detail about my new "Low Manipulation" Regime, It's saved me quite a bit of time and heartache of late especially with my hectic schedule.
I'd love some company with diet & exercising - I a little under 2 months to work some magic!
I'll be posting a bit of a plan/challenge soon, if anyone wants to join me, that'd be GREAT!

See you at the next post - coming soon!

Rachie :-)

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