Oil Rinsing... :-)

I've mentioned this "Oil Rinsing" in previous posts, so I figured it was best to do a quick little post explaining exactly what it is .

Oil Rinsing is a hair care technique I came across completely by accident in my experimentation phase, before I even knew what it was.

One wash day, early on this year, I was applying my usual conditioner after washing, when I noticed it just wasn't making the hair feel as soft as it normally does, not much "slip" either.

I was like:
Oh no! You mean I'll have to go search for another conditioner now?
Oh wait, maybe my hair needs clarifying so that the conditioner can work properly, or maybe I have too much product build up?

I was about to reach for the shampoo when I saw the jar of coconut oil I had left on the counter from earlier on that day.... And I had a thought: If oil provides slip when detangling dry hair, maybe it'll help with shower detangling....


Deep Conditioning for Moisture!... :-)

I've learned so much this past year about hair care, and most importantly, I've learned a lot about MY OWN hair along the way.
Chief among the things I've learned is:
Regular Deep Conditioning is an absolute MUST in my hair care routine. And by regular I mean twice a week, once a week at least. Sounds like a lot of work I know but with practice it becomes quick and easy.

If I go any longer than a week, I immediately regret it. My hair gives me a side eye and immediately throws herself into a dry brittle mess, smh (shaking my head). Yes, dealing with my hair is like dealing with a little child sometimes! No joke!

That being said, I try to focus on moisture moisture moisture because my hair tends towards dryness. I do protein treatments every 2 weeks depending on how my hair feels.

What product to use???
Gosh! Finding the answer to this question was such a daunting task for me at the beginning of my hair journey for two major reasons:


Oils oils & more oils!... :-)


The discovery of different uses and benefits of natural oils has been one of, if not my absolute favourite part of this hair journey so far.

There's a whole world out there of natural oils that can be used for a multitude of purposes, including:

  • Hair Care
  • Nutrition
  • Skin Care
  • Massages & Aromatherapy 

They are a staple in my hair care routine where they are used for:
  • Pre-pooing (i.e. pre shampoo hair treatment), 
  • Oil Rinsing, 
  • Hot Oil Treatments, 
  • Deep Conditioner mixes,
  • Moisturizing & Sealing,
  • For lubrication during finger-detangling

Contents of my current "Oils Stash"...


Rachie's Health Food Store Buys Today!... :-)

So today I was at the local Natures Way store to get my regular alternate-daily fruit and veggie smoothie, (Yummeh!) when I came across an interesting little snack:

Its dried, sliced and slightly salted veggies. Its sooo good! Am I late??? How did I not know of these before?! Love love love them.

Unfortunately, they didn't have any carrots to add to my smoothie today, so it was just Strawberries, Bananas, Beets and a bit of Soy Milk. Normally I add freshly made carrot juice and spinach leaves,

Note to self, Take your Vitamins!... :-)

Why is it so difficult to remember to take my vitamins! Seriously, ugh! lol.

Seriously though, I'll be good for 2 or 3 months straight, then I'll forget for a day because I'm busy that day. Then one day becomes 2, becomes a week... you get the picture.


Happy Holiday Weekend!.. :-)

This weekend has been packed full of holidays and excitement, hehehe, luv it!
Drinks and food all round! I neeeeed to hit the gym hard on Monday, but it was all worth it. :-)

Impromptu drinks with the girlies, just cuz!

Ahhh! Machel's 3 Zero, how you mean!