So! if you have a hair journey blog, its pretty much a given that you have to post your regimen! :-)
Mine has changed here and there since the beginning of the year based on how my hair was responding, and on setbacks I encountered... Woi! I'll touch on THAT in more detail in another post! (Side-eye) Lol.

So in the beginning, I hadn't a clue where to start exactly. It was when I happened upon Just Grow Already and saw Jeni's hair progress and how organized she was with her hair care, I was in awe to say the least, and so I decided that since we had a similar hair type maybe her regimen would work for me.

I think that was a good place to start. Following the basics of an established regimen, and most importantly understanding the reason for each step, helped me to pick what would most likely work for me. 

The following are the key aspects of my regimen so far, I'm still open to hearing any tips and tricks from you guys, I'm still learning after all! :-)

Rachie's Hair Care Regimen Deconstructed
It just so happens that I have every component of hair typing that makes one prone to easy tangling knots and breakage,
say it with me people, sigh!
Because of this I err on the side of caution MOST TIMES when it comes to my hair care regimen. It was very annoying at first, as in, like, can't I just go to bed normal & just wake up with fabulous hair? Can't it just moisturize itself sometimes?!
Anyhow, I soon recognized that there was no short cut, and that these things were what my hair NEEDED, so I kept at "My Regimen/Plan", and eventually it became habit.

Can I tell you, typing up this Updated Regimen has really got me thinking about the things I've slacked off on here and there over the weeks,
and reminded me that I need to get back in the game!
I TRIED MY BEST to make it as CONCISE as Possible,
Forgive me if it still ended up being a bit long!
Anyhow, here we go...
From Within
  • Multivitamin - I use Vitamin World's Hair Skin and Nails Multivitamin daily. I know I used to use a lot more supplements before, but this one is the most essential.
  • Water - Drink plenty of water! I tend to drink at least 1.5 Liters of water per day.
  • Eat Healthy!! For Good health in general its good to get in 5 fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Your hair and skin will love you for it!
  • Exercise - AGAIN, For Good Health in general, its recommended that everyone exercises at least 30 mins at least 4 times a week. Again, your hair will thank you for it!
From Without
  • Moisturize & Seal - (Nightly or up to every 3 days) I apply a small amount of Profectiv Daily Leave-in Strengthener to my strands and Seal with my Grapeseed Oil + Castor Oil Mix, Then I plait/twist in 2 sections or more and tie a scarf on my whole head, and off to bed!
  • Satin/Silk Scarf -  (Nightly Without fail!) - this is a definite MUST, or I wake up with dry angry hair, Lol, Can you say Breakage-much? - IF you don't like the scarf idea (ahem, some Significat Others aren't too keen on the scarf thing, Lol), Satin pillow cases work out well for some ladies too ;-)
  • Baggying/GHE Method - Done nightly or up to every 3 daysdepending on how my hair feels. To see post on Baggying/GHE Method CLICK HERE
  • Keep my hands out of my hair As Much As Possible! - The less I manipulate my hair the less opportunity there is for breakage! Simple. So if I can reduce manipulation to once or twice a week, that is ideal for me. I tend to do Buns, Twists, Braids Twist-out or Braid-outs depending on my mood that week. :-)

From Within
  • Sit back, relax and analyse how the week went - I always try at the end of the week to sit back and reflect on what I accomplished and what I didn't accomplish HHJ-wise. I can then figure out what needs extra special attention/effort and work on those areas for the following week.
From Without
  • Pre-poo: (x1-2 per week) This is basically conditioning the hair or helping to protect it before you shampoo.(shampooing can often strip the oils from our hair and makes it vulnerable to dryness and breakage) Pre-pooing for me consists of a hot-oil treatment with Coconut oil. Sometimes I'll let the oil sit overnight then wash in the am.
  • Co-washing & Shampoo Washing - (x1-2 per week) I wash with shampoo once a week or once every 2 weeks, its not set in stone because I do it basically to remove product build up. I know someone is saying "gross!" Lol! Worry not, because I exercise regularly I actually "Co-wash" once to twice per week or just after a rigorous exercise routine. Co-washing is basically washing with a conditioner instead of a shampoo. I need to keep my scalp clean so the follicles are free of build-up and more able to get their growth on! Lol. For shampooing I use Design Essential Moisture Retention Shampoo, and for co-washing I use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner.

  • Deep Conditioning - I try to do this AFTER EVERY WASH OR CO-WASH. I let the conditioner sit on the hair with a plastic cap on my head and go under over-head dryer for 45mins. Then I rinse it out with COLD water to seal the cuticles.
  • Dry Deep Conditioning - I "Dry Deep Condition" my hair of late when I just don't have the time to do a full wash day. I can't rush  Wash Days because my hair is breakage prone and I need to take my time. RUSH = BREAKAGE for me. Basically means I apply a conditioner to my dry hair then plait it or bun it. The hair should not be wet or dripping! A little goes a long way. To check out my Dry Deep Conditioning Routine Check out this post: CLICK HERE

  • ACV Rinses - (After Every Wash) Apple Cider Vinegar Rinsing involves adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar to water and using this as a final rinse after the Deep Conditioner is rinsed out. I used about 4 tables spoons ACV to 1 liter of water roughly - I'm not exact.

  • Oil Rinsing - (Once a week - Once every 2 weeks)To Check out my Oil Rinsing Routine CLICK HERE
  • Air Drying - (After Every Wash) This took some months to perfect for me, whew! But basically after I rinse out the conditioner I wrap my hair with a cotton T-shirt for about 10 minutes then I take it off and put a silk scarf around the edges, apply my leave-in and detangle as the hair dries.. To Check out how I do my Air-Drying check out this post: CLICK HERE

  • Install Protective/Low Manipulation Style (AFTER EVERY WASH) to last me at least 4 days, at most 1 week. I.e. Buns, Twists, Braids, Braid-outs, twist-outs - whatever my hear desires that week :-)

  • Detangling: (Before every Wash, During Air-Drying, and for Styling) - BE VERY GENTLE. I detangle with my fingers first in sections, followed by my Denman Brush. I have to be awake and well fed before I take on this process because trust me it can be time consuming depending on whether or not my hair wants to be a diva that day, Lol. This MUST be done before I pre-poo or wash because I've found I get less knots and breakage when I detangle at this stage. I CANNOT comb wet hair, I get waaay too much breakage.
  • Tea Rinses - For those times that I have shedding I try to do a Tea Rinse (Once a month - maybe Twice). I let approximately 4 black tea bags steep in about 1 liter of hot water. ALLOW IT TO COOL, then apply to my hair (mainly scalp) just after washing but just before Deep Conditioning. I let it sit for about 5-10 minutes - rinse with cold water then proceed to Moisturizing Deep Conditioning step.
  • Protein Treatment - To maintain my Protein-Moisture Balance I do a protein treatment every 2-3 weeks. You can start with a light Protein at first like Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor just in case you are protein sensitive and aren't sure. 

  • Search and Destroy - On a monthly basis I do a quick little survey of my ends for any SSKs (Single Strand Knots) or splits, and snip them off as I see them.
I don't have a fixed time at which I Texlax, but I DO give myself a minimum of 10 weeks in between touch-ups.Average 12-14weeks
To see Texlax Regimen in detail: CLICK HERE

To see my post on length Retention Tips - CLICK HERE

Starting Out Your Hair Journey can be quite an expensive undertaking, with all the trial and error, and all the new products you seeand just have to try out, Lol, #productjunkyismisreal!!!
So I've included a list of MY staples.
I hope you find it helpful!


Moisturizing and Sealing

*Love Love love this Shampoo*


Moisturizing Deep Conditioning
*I use any of the above to Deep Condition, sometimes I may mix in a bit of coconut oil if I feel like on that particular day :-)*

Dry Deep Conditioning
To check out my Dry Deep Conditioning Routine Check out this post: CLICK HERE

Protein Treatment
* This is My Hairs Favourite Protein Treatment - but as I said if you aren't sure, start out with a mild protein treatment Like: Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor, or even and ORS Replenishing Pak*

ACV Rinse
*Awesome sauce for High Porosity Hair :-)*

Oil Rinsing
To Check out my Oil Rinsing Routine CLICK HERE

To Check out how I do my Air-Drying check out this post: CLICK HERE

GHE Method/Baggying
To see post on Baggying/GHE MethoCLICK HERE
Denman Brush, Trimming Scissors & Satin Scarf
Tea Rinsing

*Headbands are essential for me for those inevitable "Bad-Hair Days"!*

Relaxer/Texlaxer :-)
To see Texlax Regimen in detail: CLICK HERE

Scalp Massage Oil Mix & Roots Only Applicator Bottle
*To See Post on Oil Mix for Scalp Massage CLICK HERE*

Does My Hair-Type Determine How Long My Hair Will Grow?

One of my pet peeves in this life is when people tell you you cant cant cant, and they themselves haven't even tried! There can be quiet a few naysayers at the beginning of your journey, 
There are quite a few cheerleaders out there too! :-)
So, focus on the positive!You don't even need to take my word for it, its all over the internet: Proof that regardless of your hair type (i.e. curl pattern, strand with, porosity and strand density) you can grow long hair if you really want to and if you are willing to put in the effort that is required.!
Yay! Hope!
All of information I have given in this "Hair Typing Series" is information I have I've learned from reading, and from personal trial and error. 

I'm still on my journey with plenty left to learn.
The Destination is always in site but Enjoying the journey along the way is important.




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