Dry Deep Conditioning Overnight... :-)

Hey There!

This is a really quick post I decided to do about how I'm deep conditioning tonight.

I know I need to deep condition my hair every other day this week because I Texlaxed on Saturday, and it turns out that the left side of my head was even more under processed than I thought - I noticed that this morning. Now I have to be very careful with the line of demarcation to avoid breakage and setbacks. I'm seriously considering going back to protective styling for another 8-10 weeks and then doing my own Texlax at home, and maybe going over the verrry under processed parts as the very last part of the Texlax processing time, I think this is called a "corrective Relaxer/Texlax"
Just a thought, we will see...For now:
"Moisture Moisture and more Moisture"
is my Mantra for the next 8-10 weeks

On to Deep Conditioning...
I'm all out of my Profectiv Daily Leave-in Strengthener,

*Tear*Sniff sniff*
So, alas, I can't use it to do my trusty No-Rinse Deep Conditioning,

I'm on duty tonight, which basically means that my workplace can call me at any point in time tonight into tomorrow morning, so rinse and air-drying isn't an option at the moment,
I decided to do a Dry Deep Conditioning Session tonight.

How am I doing this "Dry Deep Conditioning" exactly?
I separated my hair into large sections and made them into large twists. I then applied She Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner all along the length of my strands and re-twisted.

I then rubbed some Vatika Oil in the palm of my hands and applied generously along the length of the twists and making sure to get the ends well coated.

I then covered my hair with a plastic cap and then a scarf, and... Yep, that's my Deep Conditioning Session for ya! Lol.

My hair is NOT damp. I added just enough conditioner to coat the hair. Also, its a very thick conditioner (not watery and runny) so again it did not make my hair damp/wet. I'll keep this conditioner in overnight and maybe even all day tomorrow at work.
Again, because my hair isn't damp, I cant just pin up the twists or put it all in a bun when I'm ready to face the public :-)
Tomorrow evening after work I'll just rinse out the Conditioner and do an ACV Rinse and then air dry as I normally do.

This is the first time I'll be trying this method of dry deep conditioning overnight or longer, I think it'll go well, but I'll let you know how my hair feels when I do my rinse out tomorrow.

Hope you guys get a good night's sleep!

Rachie :-)


  1. Okay, exactly how much of the conditioner do you apply to each twist to prevent it becoming wet? Because your dry DC is basically my intense prepoo step, but my hair ends up being this damp, soggy twists that I cannot dare going out of the house with.

    1. Heya! I use the same amount that I would to moisturize and seal my hair normally, maybe just a tad bit more, instead I'm using a wash-out conditioner as opposed to a leave-in. Plus this conditioner is very thick, it isn't watery at all. You could put a small amount and it goes a very long way. So it covers the hair but I don't have to use so much that my hair is soaked. I'd say I used about maybe half a teaspoon to a whole teaspoon per twist. Also my Texlaxed hair soaks up product like nobody's business so maybe if your hair doesn't soak up product as much then you can use less. I hope I explained that properly, If you need me to clarify anything just let me know.

  2. I love how creative we get on hair journeys lol
    Keep us posted on whether it works as well as a regular DC session or not. Thanx!

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist