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10 Months Post Relaxer! - I'm Back! :-)

Heya Girlies!

It's been ages yet again! Hugs to all of you that still follow me and check in now and then despite my LOOOOONG absence!

So much has happened over the past year - from marriage to pregnancy and now my baby bumpkin is here! She's such a lil blessing 

I've been MIA for 5 months?! (*shame*) - Reason: I'm Preggers!!! :-D

Hey There Ladies!
It's been so long! I have missed you guys so much!

 I've kept up with my reading of my other hair blogs and vlogs - Yayness!!! Jeni from justgrowalready.com, Traycee from Kiss and Journeytowaistlength have all gone Natural! Wow!
I'm so happy to learn that you guys still stop by to have a look at my blog despite my silence,

The reason I've been MIA for so long is because - well as the title says,

Low Manipulation for Increased Length Retention - at least That's the Plan!

Hey There!
*Air Drying and Finger Detangled*

So.... ever since I trimmed I've been tempted to check if its grown back - overnight, and of course every time I check I find I am the same length I was the day before! DUH!

Seriously? Why do we torture ourselves like this? lol!

I finally came to terms with the very same thing I preach - Patience is key!

So I got back to first principles:

A lil "Catch-Up" Post - What's Rachie been up to! :-)

Hey There Guys!

Lots has happened since we last saw one another, its not news to you that my life can get pretty hectic.

How to Texlax!

Hey There Girlies!
I've been asked on numerous occasions:
(1) What is Texlaxing?
(2) Okay so how exactly do you Texlax?
(3) How do YOU Texlax?

So finally I've gotten around to being able to answer the questions! Yay!
So here we go!