Scalp Massage Oil with Rosemary - Good for Growth?... :-)

Hey There Guys!!

Let's talk Rosemary Oil :-)
Okay, so in my last post I had said I'd be filling you guys in on my new Rosemary Scalp Massage Oil, one of the benefits of my otherwise failed protective styling-with-weave attempt.

I came by it by complete chance actually...

I knew that I had to care for the hair underneath, so I had made a moisturizing spritz to spray my hair underneath on alternate days.
It was made from:
  • NTM leave-in conditioner 
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Rosewater
My hair loved my spritzy-thingie :-), it felt super-moisturized, 
but I noticed however, that my scalp felt "itchy" the day after I had the weave installed, and I knew my hair was clean because it was washed and deep conditioned the day before the weave-installation.

I thought of using an oil with maybe some Tea-Tree Oil in it, and maybe Peppermint Oil to soothe my scalp, I dropped the peppermint idea soon after because I remembered I used it before in a carrier oil  and it caused my hair to feel really dry and brittle.

I was brainstorming with my girlie Shana, who is Ms-All-Natural herself...
*Seriously, aren't her Locks A-May-ZING?!

...when I noticed she had quite a bit of new growth just about 10 days after her recent interlocking session.
She mentioned that she used Rosemary oil, sometimes with a carrier oil, other times, Straight-No-Chaser!
and she swore by it.
Pssh, I was convinced one time!
I rushed to to make my essential oil purchase THAT DAY!
Thought Process: Tea tree to soothe my scalp and keep unwanted microbes at bay :-), Rosemary for SUPA-DUPA Growth! Duh! and Rose Hip Seed Oil, which I love for my skin anyway - full of vitamin C goodness.

Ye, your girl Rachie can really run with an idea, when the "spirit tek mih"!
Because a few days after the purchase, on my Birthday, Shana gave me a set of Essential oils, Rosemary and Tea Tree included as a gift!

 These are made by a Jamaican company I hadn't heard of until now - "Earth Elements". I'm all for supporting Jamaican/Caribbean businesses, so that was cool.
In fact, if you guys are interested, you can check them out on Facebook, "Earth Elements Jamaica".

Armed with my essential oils, my carrier oils and my applicator bottle;
 and motivated by my itchy/irritated scalp;
I began concocting my scalp massage mixture:
*Can you tell I'm a Chemistry buff?*

  • Grapeseed Oil: Carrier Oil - 30mls
  • Castor Oil: Carrier Oil - 15mls - good for hair growth?, makes new growth soft and manageable.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Essential Oil - 1 cap full - Good antimicrobial properties, soothing effects.
  • Rosemary Oil: Essential Oil - 3-4 caps full - Touted as a hair growth stimulator, acts by increasing blood flow to the scalp.
  • Lemon Grass Oil: Essential Oil - 1/2 to 1 cap full - I added this because I just loved the smell.
  • Applicator bottle: This was a BIG HELP - made/makes it easier to get the oil to the scalp where its needed, and not all over the hair itself.

My scalp loved it instantly, I used it twice a week, and I never ever had itching again in the 3 weeks and 4 days that I had the weave in.
On take down, I noticed that the braids/cornrows were quite loose.
After taking down the braids/cornrows themselves, yes I lost a lot of "cut" hair but I noticed I had 1 inch growth in some areas and 1 1/2 inches of growth mainly in the center - where my hair grows fastest. I was 8 weeks post relaxer at the time.
Yay! Scalp Massage Oil!

Can I conclude definitively that the Rosemary Oil itself had caused the growth spurt?
To be quite honest with you guys, I'm not 100% sure, because, to be fair, other factors may have contributed to this growth spurt:
  • Having a weave keeps the area around the scalp quite warm, so I almost had a mini GHE/Baggying effect going on usually in the day time when its hottest.
  • I had been drinking 3 liters of water per day religiously
  • I was taking all my vitamins religiously also - My Vitamin Regimen/List
  • Its the hottest time of the year May-July, and ladies often report that these are the months that they notice increased hair growth or growth spurts
  • I didn't use Rosemary Oil alone even though that was the main essential oil I used (in terms of volume compared to the other essential oils I added), so maybe it was the combination of all the oils I used that my scalp liked/likes.
  • Some people say that Castor Oil itself stimulates hair growth - could it have been the Castor Oil
  • Maybe just the act of Massaging did the trick in terms of hair follicle stimulation?

To really know if it was the Rosemary Oil that caused the growth spurt, guess I'd have had to use Rosemary Oil by itself - Straight-No-Chaser like Shana, but I think I like the idea of the carrier oils, because the essential oils have a STRONG scent.

All that being said, and excitement aside:
I don't want to play with anyone's emotions and tout this mixture as some miracle growth formula as lots of things in general affect hair growth on an individual basis,
I know how it is to start you hair journey, wanting growth now now now, and searching for the miracle oil or product to achieve super growth, some things work for some people, and other things work for other people,
and bear in mind that to have good, healthy hair growth a holistic approach must be taken - caring from within (diet and exercise) and without (hair care products and hair manipulation).

I do love this mixture though, it has become a regimen staple for me, and I think it's definitely worth a try especially if you have an itchy/sensitive scalp like I do.

So that's it really,
I'd love to here from you guys - thoughts, suggestions, comments... and other such yayness :-D

I hope you guys have a great Monday!

Rachie :-)


  1. Thanks for the mention Rach!! To quote you 'Yayness!'. Lots of great hair food in this post. Your aloe juice reminded me that I have some aloe in my yard I can use..lolll

  2. Woot woot! Yay, Shana came to visit! :-) I've made good use of my birthday present don't? Ye I think my hair loves aloe Vera juice, it feels softer after I use it. Thanks fir stopping by girlie! Hugz :-)