Note to self, Take your Vitamins!... :-)

Why is it so difficult to remember to take my vitamins! Seriously, ugh! lol.

Seriously though, I'll be good for 2 or 3 months straight, then I'll forget for a day because I'm busy that day. Then one day becomes 2, becomes a week... you get the picture.

I've definitely noticed that my hair and skin looks and feels healthier when I take my vitamins, and conversely notice the difference when I don't, no bueno.

I Take:
  1. Vitamin World Hair skin and Nails multivitamins (one a day) for increased growth and health
  2. Garlic capsules (one a day) to reduce shedding
  3. MSM (one a day) for increased growth and managability
  4. Sometimes I'll take Vitamin C and  Fish Oil, but I'm not as consistent with these ones.

I've been naughty these last 2 weeks, so I've decided that as of today I'm gonna carry a set in my bag and leave a set at home. This way if I forget to take them with breakfast, I'll at least take them the moment I open my bag when I'm out. I always walk with my bottle of water anyhow.

Hope I can stay on track for the rest of the year!

Rachie :-)

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