My Relaxer Routine... :-)

You may have noticed that I didn't mention my relaxer routine in my regimen list. I did that on purpose. :-) Why? Because the relaxer process is a chemical process that is used to loosen the hair texture, and make it easier to style, but its not necessarily "good" for your hair really.

Chemically altering the hair automatically makes it a bit weaker, whether that be relaxing, texlaxing, texturizing, permanent hair colour application and bleaching. After any of these processes the hair needs extra love and care, hence the need for a rock solid hair regimen, to ensure that it remains as healthy as possible. At least, thats my take on it.

That being said, It follows that if your hair is weakened or breaking, its best to delay and relaxer until the hair is healthy and strong again so that it can withstand the chemical process.

I relax my hair every 9-13 weeks at a hairdresser (a trusted friend of a friend) in town that I TRUST to follow my list of instructions to a T! :-)
So far so good.

I'm still too scared to try to relax it myself, but I plan to take the plunge in 2014, eeps!!

My Relaxer Process is as follows:

  • The week leading up to the relaxer day, I try not to stimulate the scalp i.e. no scratching or brushing.
  • I also try to make sure that the hair is fully detangled before relaxing, so I put my hair in plaits or twists a week prior to the relaxer day. 
  • On the day itself, base the scalp with vaseline
  • When I get to the salon, the braids or twists are undone carefully and combed out with a wide tooth comb. No yanking of the new growth, it should already be detangled.
  • Coat the previously relaxed hair with a conditioner or olive oil.
  • The hair is separated with fingers and not a comb, my hair snaps at the sight of combs, and the relaxer is applied.
  • The relaxer I use at the moment is ORS Lye Relaxer Normal Strength for Fine hair
  • The relaxer is smoothed on in 4 sections using fingers only, sometimes the back of the comb is used towards the end of the processing time.
  • For my hair, the relaxer is left on for a total of 15-17 minutes from the time relaxer was first applied to the hair. Different people will quote different processing times based on how straight they want their hair. I like mine to have a little texture left in it.
  • The relaxer is rinsed out thoroughly, and then Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor is applied and left for 7-10 minutes, then rinsed out.
  • The hair is then neutralized with Motions neutralizing shampoo for 3 washes.
  • Deep condition under a hooded drier for half an hour using ORS replenishing conditioner, then rinse.
  • A moisturizing Leave-in conditioner is applied and an anti-frizz serum is applied to the hair and evenly distributed. 
  • Roller set and dry under a hooded dryer.
And thats pretty much it!
I'm due a relaxer in another 2 weeks, I'll post pictures of the process and the results. Praying for growth and length retention!

Rachie :-)

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