Happy Holiday Weekend!.. :-)

This weekend has been packed full of holidays and excitement, hehehe, luv it!
Drinks and food all round! I neeeeed to hit the gym hard on Monday, but it was all worth it. :-)

Impromptu drinks with the girlies, just cuz!

Ahhh! Machel's 3 Zero, how you mean! 

And then there was pizza day, again, just cuz... Yummeh!

Good eats and cool friends always manage to lift my spirits when life gets tough. Hugz to you all!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Black Friday Madness!
Hahaha, this kid is too cute!

To all the Bajans, Happy Independence Day!

Wah! And Cyber Monday approaches, my poor pocket! Look away Rach! look away! Lol

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! Shop safe, eat nuff, exercise it all off on Monday! :-D

Rachie :-)

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