Rachie's Health Food Store Buys Today!... :-)

So today I was at the local Natures Way store to get my regular alternate-daily fruit and veggie smoothie, (Yummeh!) when I came across an interesting little snack:

Its dried, sliced and slightly salted veggies. Its sooo good! Am I late??? How did I not know of these before?! Love love love them.

Unfortunately, they didn't have any carrots to add to my smoothie today, so it was just Strawberries, Bananas, Beets and a bit of Soy Milk. Normally I add freshly made carrot juice and spinach leaves,
but that'll have to be tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll post a pic then. The carrots, beets and bananas are so sweet you don't even taste the spinach at all, and they tend to put 2 healthy handfuls into the blender.

Yayness! I also bought a jumbo bottle of Castor Oil for a pretty decent price, that should last me a good couple of months. It's great for sealing my ends while air-drying my hair.

And of course dried Apricots, can't leave Nature's Way without a small bag, hehe.

I love health food stores, don't you? :-)

Rachie :-)

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