18 Weeks Post Relaxer Today! New Growth Pics... :-)

Hey There!

Yup its official guys, I'm 18 weeks post relaxer today!!!
What's that? Do I hear a chorus of angels singing in the background?
I thought I'd just show you a picture of my new growth at the moment:
*The new growth is over and a little bit below my top 2 fingers
When am I Texlaxing? Any day now! 

Though I'm considering waiting to do it after the 28th of February because as you know that's my length check day to check if the Inversion method gave me "tonnes of growth" and I don't want to straighten the roots giving an inaccurate "after" picture, if you get my meaning...
Either way,
You guys will be the first to know when I do Texlax. I'm hoping it turns out well. I'd love to be MBL (Mid-Back Length) or longer at this point, but we'll see.
Speak it into being Rach!

Have a Great Day!

Rachie :-)

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