Officially 16 weeks post! To Texlax or Not to Texlax... :-)

Yayness, its Friday!! Finally! 
I don't know about ya'll but for me, that was a hectic week.Whew!

Not only am I excited because its Friday, but  as of today I'm officially 16 weeks and 1 day post relaxer!!! *Happy dance*
That's 3 weeks more than my previous longest Relaxer Stretch. I'm very proud of myself - dusts shoulders off :-D

Alas, despite my excitement, I must confess that this morning I found myself REALLY REALLY missing my having my hair free. I like braids but I miss washing my hair in its free state and then letting it air dry into its bigger-poofier-fabulousness-state, Lol.

I was THIS CLOSE to booking an appointment for a Texlax Session Today/This Weekend...

I thought it over and over again, and finally I struck a bargain with myself, Lol: "Two more weeks Rach, just two more weeks, and see how you feel then." Can I tell you, I had this exact same discussion with myself two weeks ago. It all came down to this: How is my hair doing right now? And the truth is, its doing quite fine how it is right now, so I believe it wise to just leave well enough alone. :-)
I just reminded myself that what I'm doing is what's best for my hair and will help me to reach my waistlength goals.
MORE New Growth = LESS Overlap of Relaxer 
LESS Overlap of Relaxer = LESS Hair Damage
LESS Hair Damage = MORE Length Retention!!

All I need to do is just keep listening to my hair and take this relaxer stretch one week at a time :-), and if my hair decides to kick up a fuss and protest then I will Texlax.
LISTENING to my hair is especially important because I don't don't DON'T want any setbacks right now if I can avoid them.

Game Plan for the next 2 weeks:
  • Chill out, stop thinking so much :-) I swear I'm too hyper for my own good sometimes.
  • Continue twice weekly deep conditioning sessions - I think Ill do an ORS deep treatment this weekend and then continue with my new found "no-rinse-required" Profectiv Deep Treatment for other deep treatment sessions.
  • Continue with my Inversion Challenge!! Tonight with be day 3 of 7.
  • Continue water, exercise and healthy eating.
  • Vitamins!
  • Order Nexxus Polymedic Emergencee Reconstructor! I'm fresh out, the horror! as in, I'm serious my hair has a love affair with this product, its in my best interest not to keep them apart for too long, Lol.
  • Up the Garlic tablets and Tea rinses - I've heard of many instances where people experience quite bit of shedding when deep into a relaxer stretch, so Ill try to nip that in the bud quickly before that occurs, well, as best as I can at least. I haven't done a Tea Rinse in ages! I'll give it a try this weekend and let you guys know how it goes.

If I occupy myself with all of the above, then it's less likely that I'll pressure myself into relaxing sooner than I really need to...
Temptation to Relax Today - Successfully Avoided!

Hope you guys are doing okay with your relaxer stretches too!
Have a great Friday!

Rachie :-)

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