No Scuba, Still Hard at Work, and Tired, BUT the HHJ MUST PREVAIL!!! :-D

Hey There Guys!!!
So, Yours truly has been on-call for what seems like an eternity, needless to say, I'm really tired right now.
I was supposed to go scuba diving on Saturday but alas, it was decided that it probably wouldn't be wise to be 30 feet below the water surface while tired.
So I had to reschedule for next weekend.

I did prepare my hair however, up to the morning of the Dive, so I'll just fill you in on how I prepared my hair.
I'll be doing it again next weekend and see if my hair was well protected or not, and I'll definitely fill you in on the details.

So... Pre-Dive Hair Prep:

Protective Styling my Hair
So as you know I put my hair in twists as a week-long protective styling option. Why not swim in twists right? Past experience has taught me that my hair likes to tangle WAY to much when it gets wet while in twists, but it seems pretty okay when in plaits. My hair looks thinner to me when in plaits so I did a half and half compromise.

This style also allowed me to distribute the conditioner and oil evenly on my my hair strands...
Which brings us to:

Conditioner and Coconut Oil
My hair being highly porous, soaks up water like a sponge. The thought of it soaking up all that salt water for hours on end and being exposed to the hot midday sun makes my hair strands cringe, lol.
So how can I protect my hair from soaking up the salt water?
After much reading, I came across an article on (I'll find the article for you guys soon) a while back - maybe January - that spoke about putting coconut oil or conditioner on your hair before going into the water. This would reduce the amount of salt water (sea) or chlorinated water (pool) that your hair will soak up, thus reducing damage.

I figured I'd give it a try - Hoping all the while that Sharks don't associate Coconut oil with a tasty snack! LOL! I highly doubt.

Hair Scarf
I put all of my braid/twists into one french braid and made a bun. Then, I tied a scarf around the top: (a) I like scarves :-D and (b) It would help to protect my hair from the tight elastic band at the back of my goggles.
Yeah okay maybe its not the most stylish thing, but underwater your hairstyle isn't that noticeable or important anyway ;-)

I'll be trying this again next weekend. I'll let you know if it worked well or not.

What I Did Hair-Wise This Weekend
This weekend was very busy for me work-wise. I decided to take advantage of my hair being in twists: I dry deep conditioned again, this time with my Profectiv Mega Growth Daily Leave-In Strengthener
  1. I distributed it evenly along each braid/twist, 
  2. Put on a plastic cap 
  3. And then went under the dryer for 15 minutes
  4. I then took off the plastic cap and sealed with a very small amount Grapeseed Oil +Castor Oil Mix.

So That's about it really, nothing big and exciting, but I'm trying to keep my hair care basics going even if I'm busy or tired. Gotta try!
This week I'm gonna focus on drinking my 3 Liters of water a day, getting my 5 fruits and veggies in, and taking my vitamins.
Even in the hardest of times, the HHJ must Prevail!

I Hope you guys have a good and safe Monday!
Rachie :-D. 

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  1. This is how I stretch my NG! braid the root and twist the lenght