My Updated Hair Goal!!

Hey There Guys!

While doing my Last post "Birthday Hair Tag" I was going through my Hairstyles & Hair Inspiration Board on Pinterest for pictures that best described the hair I'd love to rock (if I could) on my Birthday...
And I came across one particular picture I had forgotten I pinned a while back, but for some reason it really stood out at me the other day...
Guys is this not Perfection?
I knew immediately, THIS is my Hair Inspiration for my Next Birthday, April 2015!
I don't expect my hair to be exactly like anyone else's hair,
but rather,
the Thicker Healthier Version of my own hair,
Rachie 2.0!
*Notice the thinner relaxed ends vs the thicker texlaxed section - breakage at the line of demarcation is a bummer, plus my straighter hair looks thinner that the more textured hair in general*
 So at some point I'll have to cut off these thinner ends - planning to do it very gradually, on a monthly basis.
Time to get some GROWTH and LENGTH RETENTION in High Gear!
Woot woot!
I'm feeling all rejuvenated over here! Lol

Do you guys have any Hair Inspiration/Goal pics that keep you motivated on your HHJ?
Drop me a line or 2 below!

Rachie :-)

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  1. Girl you are damn near there! lol A little (and I do mean little) trim and BOOM!

    1. @Abbi and @Jeni, Thanks so much! My ends are really thin and delicate and breakage prone (transitioning to texlaxed hair recently taking its breakage toll), so I'm scared to count them into my length often times because I know I have to get rid of them over time. But thanks though, your comments give me confidence that I can reach this goal in the Time I set for myself! HUGZ! :-)

  2. I think your hair is longer than hers. Remember she is a model and probably very long, just look at her neck. I think your ends has to be a little bit thinner in order to avoid an A-shape. She has a bit more volume in her roots.
    Also, I don't know what ethnicity you have but she looks like she is East African. They have different hair types than west Africa. It can grow very very long without a "hair journey". Africa is a huge continent and just as it would be crazy for a person in Denmark to have a Greek persons hair as a hair goal it is to compare East and west or South or North aftica.

    I have roots in southafrica but I am mixed Scandinavian so My hair lives its own life :) which part of Africa do you origin from?

    I think yours is beautiful, maybe even more beautiful than the picture :) hope you reach your goals!

    1. Heya Lisa! Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your kind words :-D I am Jamaican - a mixture of things as our motto says "Out of many one people" :-) My goal isn't to have hair exactly like hers to a tee, but rather I use the thickness and length as a goal for my own hair. Once upon a time I would have thought where I am now was IMPOSSIBLE, I thought that my hair type just wouldn't grow, but With time, learning reading trial and error, I've come a long way.

      Sometimes I wonder if it is that a lot of it was that I just did not know how to care for my own hair type, and not a lot of people were around me knew either. In certain east african cultures, and even indian cultures, the idea of pre-pooing with coconut oil or ghee butter or protective styling with braids etc is passed down from mother to daughter, simple things like that go a looong way...

      Thanks so much for taking time to stop by my humble blog and commenting, it has me thinking, I feel a good discussion coming on!

      Have a lovely day girlie!