Twist Take-down - Big Hair :-)

Heya, Happy Sunday!
I'm working this weekend, but I had to take down the twists to redo them, I try to not go longer than 10 days because:
(1) My hair tangles at the line of demarcation soon after this time period
(2) I need to deep condition AT LEAST once a week to keep my hair happy.... it's still recovering form December 2014, lol.

With LENGTH RETENTION in mind I was -well I tried for the most part - very very GENTLE with my strands on taking down the twists, to keep BREAKAGE at a MINIMUM.

(1) I Finger Detangled first
(2) Then used my wide toothed comb
(3) Then the Denman Brush

I could see the difference between the thinner broken off relaxed ends vs the Texlaxed and Natural hair,
You know what, I'm happy with the fullness, and I'm happy the relaxed ends have stuck around so long given all the coloring they went through in the past!
They just had a rough December...
But I am grateful for the thickness of the Natural Roots and Texlaxed hair - and I'm hoping I can achieve a good amount of GROWTH and LENGTH RETENTION to allow me to do a BIG TRIM(?CHOP) in April - Birthday Month! Woot Woot!
So, as of now, my hair is re-plaited,
Plan: Deep Condition today!

That's about it, Hope you guys are having a restful Sunday! :-)
Feel free to drop me a line or 2 below!

Rachie :-)


  1. Love the big hair!
    Rachie you read my mind!! April is my 2yr HHJ anniversary and I plan on doing a major trim as well (if I can hold out until then), I hate the way my ends look when I braid my hair.

    1. Thanks Harlem! Hugz. Yeah the ends start to get annoying, a love hate relationship really...sigh, LOL! Woot Woot! we'll be big chopping/trimming together, awesome! I hope we can get some good growth in by then! I wish us both luck *thumbs up*

  2. Big hair don't care! Get it girl! Your twist outs are just amazing!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  3. Great job Rach ! Looking great …..keep up the fab work !:)

    1. Woot Woot! thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment Jamie!