Monday Morning Hair Update! - Ahhh Those Bad Hair Dayz...

Hey There!
Happy Monday and Happy February!
Can you believe its February already?! Amazing...

This last week, Hair-wise hasn't been bad but it wasn't the best either, I was going good with my Regimen, Moisturizing and sealing at nights, satin scarf/pillow case, the works!

I had my hair in plaits, in larger sections this time (approx 8-10, I can't recall exactly) and I went diving on Sunday.
*woot woot! I finally got my card yesterday*

Mind you, once I put on the conditioner before I go diving I'm usually okay, but I know from past experience that the larger the plaits, the more the tangling I get after its been wet, specifically at the line of demarcation....
But I did it anyway,
Anyhow, needless to say I had to deal with a real headache this morning trying to detangle my hair with the utmost patience, and still try to be on time for work!
Profectiv Leave-in Conditioner, Castor Oil, my wide tooth comb, my Goody Brush and my Headband SAVED MY LIFE this morning, 
To my hair products and tools: I salute you guys for all you did for me this morning! LOL!

It's not the best, but at least it's still kindah decent...ahhhh those relaxed ends...I'm coming for ya in April!
I'll be deep conditioning again tonight and putting back braids/twists once work allows.

New day, New Month of a New Year
and I'm psyched to make this a good hair month!
( I make any excuse to brush myself off and try to do better the next time :-D)
How was your hair-week?
I hope this week is extra productive and extra awesome for all of us!
and remember...
LOL! Not quite, but hes a cutie, I just HAD to share!
Rachie :)

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