Relaxer Stretching - 14 Weeks Post & Still Going Strong!

Hey There Guys!

So.... I'm 14 weeks post Relaxer tomorrow! (13weeks and 6 days today), whew!
My hair is trying my patience! Woiiii!
Hands up all those who are transitioning to natural OR are doing a long relaxer stretch (like me) and are LITERALLY AFRAID to unleash the beast that is your New Growth?
Guys, it's no joke, sometimes, mih 'friad! 

I took down my twists for Valentines day, and it took days for me to find a 3 hour time slot to re-twist my hair and not be tired doing it....

Lots and Lots of Poofiness - which I'm beginning to love,
but tangles at the line of demarcation... le sigh
and boy do the relaxed ends look thinner,
This is always the case when I stretch,
but it's definitely more noticeable this time, Honestly, I think that's because I have different stresses at the moment anyway, and that tends to amplify things that don't seem to be going right,
Knowing this about myself,
I'm not panicking
Not one bit
I Refuse! Lol!
 *not smoothed...
That being said, I still haven't set a date for the next Texlax session, I'm gonna keep playing it by ear
It would be nice to stretch till the last week of April...

Late last night into the early of the hours of this morning, I found the strength to put it in braids/plaits again,
(I snipped a half an inch off of each plait)
and that's how it will STAY! Until April.... I hope... :-D

(1) Continue to cut 3/4" -1" of hair every month,
(2) Considering a big cut for my birthday in April - *holds breath, lol!
(3) Twice weekly deep conditioning
(4) Be GENTLER when Manipulating my hair - I get frustrated, I know better, alas I'm only human, but seeing broken strands only adds to my stress.
(5) Revisit a "Check In" post at the end of each week to see how well I've been able to stick to my plan - evaluate whats working and what's not.
(6) Deep condition tonight in braids! :-)

I'm a work in progress, but I still aiming for "Fabbity fab" fully Texlaxed Waist Length hair by December 2015!

Rachie :-)


  1. New growth is definitely a beast and May the Lord be with you while you detangle lol! Good luck on your stretch, I know deep conditioning is great for your hair, but I cannot imagine DCing twice a week with 14 weeks (and counting) worth of new growth. Do you have to refresh your braids often? I know when I wash my hair in braids my new growth gets extremely fuzzy.

    1. Heya girlie! #thenewgrowthstruggleisreal lol. You're so right, my hair would be a frizzy mess too if I wet it every 4 days, so I'll be dry deep conditioning midweek and then wash+deep conditioning on the weekend (all in braids) and try to redo the braids every 7-10 days. Hoping I can stick with it until April :-)

  2. Your hair in braids looks so smooth, where dis new growth at?? lol. I know what you mean new growth is a bad boy, I have 4 months of extremely underprocessed growth and 2 months of new growth which make my ends look thinner than a paper :( all the best with the stretch and let us know whether the twice a week DC'ng helps tame your new growth :)

    1. Thanks Becca K! I really hope it helps tame the new growth and strengthen my ends. Lol, the new growth "dih deh" (is there), I think I should take a picture of it for you guys for real because u can see it in the pics in this post. Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it! Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. I'm attempting a stretch too! 19 weeks! :/. I'm in week 9 and new growth is already flexing it's muscles. Good Luck to us both!

    1. Nice! Good luck to both of us for real! Thanks so much for stopping by :-)

  4. I am 9 weeks post and i bought an aloe vera product recently here in jamaica by nutragranics. I take a portion and dilute with water and spritz on my new grow and use just for me detangler on the length of my hair. Detangling has never been easier. The aloe causes the new growth to be very soft and easy to comb through plus spraying it on the new growth during the week will help to reduce shedding so that is a plus. This is my best relaxer stretch since starting my HHJ. Knowing how to detangle well when the new growth sets in really helps too

    1. Ooooo, you're so right, keeping the new growth moisturized is key, and spritzes with all very juice are awesome. I'll definitely give it a try again, I'll mix my leave in conditioner with water and aloe vera juice. Thanks for sharing girlie, I hope your relaxer stretch is still going well!

    2. *aloe vera juice not all very juice - autocorrect, smh, lol sorry about that