16 weeks Post Relaxer! Yayness!

Hey There Girlies!

It's been ages I know, I've been Uber uber busy, hopefully my efforts will be fruitful, :-D

Just an update:
I'm currently 16 weeks and 2 day post relaxer!!!!
Honestly, I was really itching to just Telax it yesterday #thefrustrationwasreal
but I held off because I think I ought to amp up my deep conditioning sessions (Moisture + Protein) before I Texlax.
Also, I actually like my new growth.... most times, lol, so I'm a lil' sad to see it go so to speak,
We will see...

I have been on call for what feels like FOREVER, so I haven't had a chance to put my hair back in plaits for almost a week now
To protect my ends (a la Jeni from Just Grow Already)
I did a faux bun for work this past week:

Not bad, my ends were out of the way so it was great in terms of protecting them from the elements and my clothing
as well as reducing my anxiety over the stark contrast between my thick texlaxed hair + natural roots and my relaxed ends (looking a lil thinner than I like)

I'm hoping to do a deep treatment tomorrow - public Holiday here in BVI, and I'm considering doing a weave for 2-3weeks....to give myself and my hair a break while I study, CONSIDERING! Eeps!

How are ya'll relaxer stretches going?

I'd love to hear from ya!

Rachie :-D

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