Kurly Klips! Protective Styling in Style... :-)


Kurly Klips! I said I’d get back to you guys, and here it is, my Kurly Klips debut! Result!

Guys I’m so excited about this post you have no idea! Eeps! LOL
As you guys know I’m currently on a long term protective style mission (queue James bond background music) :-D

I’ve had my hair in small plaits/braids since November 2013. So I’m nearing the 3 month mark! Woot woot! Braids alone can get boring though, if you are like me after a week or 2 you want to change things up a bit. 
While browsing the blogs and YouTube channels for hair care and styling ideas, I came across a post, on a natural hair care blog, about "natural hair" extensions, namely Kurly Klips.
It looked so real that I just HAD to check out the website:
Extensions that looked like natural hair?! It was new to me, I was fascinated!
Adventurous me just HAD to give it a try!
 It was between the My spirals...
and the My Fro...

I Chose the My Spirals because my hair is mostly texlaxed at this point and not as curly as my natural roots, which are only about 1.5 to 2 inches long at this point, so I figured it may be easier to blend my hair with the My Spirals because the curl was a bit looser.

  • What convinced me to try it?
A couple of things contributed to my deciding to purchase Kurly Klips: Firstly, I love trying new things! I had never seen hair extensions (in my limited time on my HHJ) that looked like "natural" hair before. My concern was how would they feel on my skin exactly (I have verrry sensitive skin), and all the reviews I read seemed to say that the extensions were soft and of a high quality.
The second thing that also convinced me was the fact that this can serve as a protective style! You can have braids/plaits underneath the clips. So I can change up my hairstyle while still keeping my braids in long term! Awesome Sauce! :-D

The packaging was cute with the little curly bows, the pieces were neat and really really soft!
The neat thing was that when I got my Kurly Klips in the mail, I wasn't at a complete loss as to how to put them in, because the website has YouTube instruction videos that are really easy to follow.
  • YouTube videos with Instructions: (I followed this video mainly)

Underneath I kept my braids in a large french braid that was tucked under in a neat very small bun.
I didn't even have to redo them or put them in rows! I was scared of the possibility of the clips themselves snagging on my hair and causing breakage, so after 1 put in one row I took it out immediately to see if I'd have any problems on take-down. Happy surprise, no breakage or snagging! So I continued with the rest of the pieces.

I undid the front row of braids (my own hair) and separated them like I would a normal braid out. They kept their wavy pattern really nicely! I think the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk has a lot to do with that.

There's also a way to style with zero leave out for ultimate protective styling, for those of you/us with a sensitive hairline:

I haven't tried this method yet though. :-)

Conclusion: Love 'em! :-)

The style came out really well considering I was a complete newbie to the "Clip-in Process". It was also very quick, seeing as I was done in under 10 mins, and it took even less time to take out.
I'm really glad to have found another way to have fun with hair while still being able to protect and care for my own hair underneath. Yayness! Another style in my arsenal to spice up my long term protective styling plans for early 2014 (another 2 months? I hope!).

Hope you guys are having fun with your protective styling too! I highly recommend giving these a try if you are clip-in inclined.

Have a great day Thursday!

Rachie :-)


  1. Wow that style is super cute and so natural looking! The price is not as cute tho lol.

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

    1. Awww Thanx girlie! Yeah man its not a cheap purchase, but the quality is Excellent though. I feel like with proper care they would last me a really long time. I just loved the idea of "natural hair" clip ins, I just HAD to give it a try, :-)

  2. how many packs? just one?

  3. Heya Jade, I used 2 packs for this style, it was a bit pricey but the quality is really good, they have held up quite well. Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)

    1. thanks they look great. im planning on purchasing this maybe this week so your blog really helped my decision!

    2. Awww! I'm glad!!! Please let me know how it turns out! :-)