What's Rachie up to? - Hair Update Week 7, 2014... :-)

Hey there!!!
It's weekly update time again. I'm just now getting a chance to squeeze this update post in, work has been ridiculously busy of late. I hope you guys have had a good hair-week :-)
Protective Styling in my small braids is still going strong thankfully ;-)

Onto the Update... :-)
Last relaxer date: October 10th 2013
Currently: 17 weeks and 4 days post relaxer, Yay! Taking it one week at a time has really helped me stretch. I never knew I could stretch this long before, I'm really proud of myself :-)
Next Relaxer: I'm considering Texlaxing my hair at 18 weeks, which is... this week Thursday. I can't say that I have made up my mind though, so I guess when Thursday comes I'll see how I feel.

How I'm feeling about my hair today: about 8/10 today :-)
Points gained: 
  • I've been on time with my twice weekly deep conditioning treatments. I've been using the Profectiv Strengthening Daily Leave-in Conditioner. No rinse required! So that was a big time saver for me, and my hair seems to like it so far, so that's great.
  • I have managed to ensure that I get my daily 3 liters of water, as well as my Vitamins.
  • Moisturizing and sealing daily has been going well also.
  • I've been wearing a scarf or using a silk pillow case to sleep at nights.
Points lost:
  • Daily exercise still needs improvement. I've finally gotten my Gym membership cards, and my jogging earphones, So I'll let you guys know how my exercise routines go this week :-)
  • I've been having smoothies every other day making sure that I get my 5 fruit and veggie intake, but ideally I'd like this to be daily.
What have I been up to???
  1. Inversion Method Completed - Due for length check on February 28th, 2014
  2. I've continued my protective styling - with braids
  3. Babying my strands.
  4. Watching my hair very carefully - I'm still watching closely for any excessive shedding or breakage.
  5. Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor - I just received this in the mail this weekend; I think I'll use it 3-4 days before my next Texlax session, whenever that happens to be. 
*I think I need another Week-long Hair Challenge to get some of my weaker areas back up to par, namely: Daily Exercise and Fruit & Veggie Intake.
Hmmm.... I think I'll do just that! I'll organize a mini exercise and fruit and veggie challenge for this week. :-)

I hope you guys have a Great Monday!

Rachie :-)

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