Hair Typing Beyond Curl Pattern? ...Part 1 - What Else is There? :-)

Oooooo, Hair Typing!

Hair Typing can be such a Controversial topic sometimes, but I'd like to touch on it a bit today as it pertains to hair care and what hair care regimen you use/ should use.

I think everyone who is on their hair journey or just beginning knows about the Curl Pattern Classification System. Naturals especially for obvious reasons. Relaxed ladies may want to know it to determine how long they can stretch their relaxers or if they are considering going back to Natural.
But if you are like I was back in 2012, this whole Curl Pattern Classification System is a completely new and foreign concept.
In a nutshell, there is a number-letter assignment to hair based on the curliness or kinkiness of it:

It stands to reason, I mean its just logical, that ALL type 3 girls use one regimen that works mainly for them, ALL type 4 girls use a different regimen that works mainly for them etc, right???? 
NOPE! Lol, not at all...


What's Rachie up to? - Hair Update Week 10, 2014... :-)

Hey There Guys!

We have reached the 10th week of the year already. And its been a little while since I've done my weekly update. Not much has been happening really. I have kept my hair in twists this week - the low manipulation will help to keep my hair on my head and out of my brush if I can help it! 

I washed a Deep Conditioned yesterday. I was noticing a few broken hairs when I was de-tangling prior to the wash and so I decided to do a protein treatment as well... Oh lordie I'm getting ahead of myself, I'll get to my wash-day details in just a bit...

Onto the Update... :-)
Last relaxer date: February 22nd, 2014
Currently: 2 weeks and 2 days post relaxer.
Next Relaxer: I'm not sure, Seriously considering doing a "corrective relaxer" at 8 weeks post, I'll definitely keep you guys informed.

How I'm feeling about my hair today: about 7/10 today :-)
Points gained: 

  • I've been good about my protective styling, moisturizing and sealing nightly as well as my daily 3 liter water intake and daily vitamin intake.
  • I've been diligent with wearing a scarf or having a silk pillow case to sleep.

Points lost:
  • My hair has a lot of texture still, so, as I mentioned in my last post, the line of demarcation is still there, and my hair is prone to breaking. I was hoping to wear my hair "free" for about 3 weeks to 4 weeks post relaxer, but for the health of my hair and my length retention goals I'll have to just bite the bullet and stick to protective styling for now.
  • My exercising has been sporadic and needs improvement, *side eye TO MYSELF* Lol.
  • I could be more diligent with my juicing and smoothie-making. I have all the ingredients in my fridge, I just need to get cracking.  

What have I been up to???
Hair-wise this week went well...
  • I've kept my hair in twists throughout the week, re-twisting on the weekends.
WASH DAY 09/03/2014
  • I undid and carefully de-tangled each Twist.
*Eeps! do you guys see my 2 new grey hairs in the second picture? Sigh! Lol.
  • The hair lost at the end of de-tangling was not bad:

  • I did a pre-poo with Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner and Vatika Oil

  • Rinsed and finger de-tangled in the shower with warm water
  • Shampooed with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo - focusing on the scalp.

  • I then did a Protein Treatment with Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor for approximately 20 minutes - I finger detangled for the first 5 minutes of this time, because this conditioner gives AMAZING SLIP! Luv it!
  • I then rinsed this out with warm water and shampooed with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo,  a very small amount this time, just to get the protein conditioner out thoroughly.
  • I coated my hair with HEHH Conditioner followed by a healthy helping of Coconut Oil root to tip. 

  • I Deep Conditioned under the over-head dryer for 20 minutes.
*Guys forgive me, I so tired I HAD to lie down!*

  • After my hair cooled down a bit, I rinsed my hair with cool water, finger de-tangling under the running water, massaging my scalp and smoothing my hair out to the ends.
  • I then did a quick ACV rinse, rinsed with cold water, then proceeded to air-dry with my scarf as a I normally do. To see how I typically Air-dry my hair you can check out this post. 
So that's about it. This week I'll be keeping my hair in Twists. I'll do a deep conditioning session and re-twist again next weekend.
For this week's posts, I think I'd like to focus on a topic that has been coming up a lot lately in discussions with friends and family when we talk about my HHJ - and this is "Hair Typing". I have quite a few thoughts on the matter specifically how it pertains to healthy hair care.

Worry not, its not anything heavy or controversial at all, I like to keep things light - pshh life can be heavy enough as it is. I will basically be focusing on what exactly Hair Typing entails/ should entail and how it affects/ should affect our hair care regimens.

I hope you guys are having a great day,
See you again soon!

Rachie :-)


So, I'm Back to Protective Styling, This Time with Twists!... :-)

Hey There!!!

Oh goodness, I know I know, you're thinking, "Where have you been Rach? Its been ages!"
I know I know, I agree with you, it's been too long.
*hangs head in shame* Lol

Its been a hectic weekend/week thus far, but I'm now catching a breather to update you guys on "where I'm at" Hair-wise :-)

Given the title of this post, you already know that I'm back to protective styling  at 1 week and 4 days post relaxer/texlaxer. Why so early? 

Simply put, the left side of my hair is very under processed, and because of that, the line of demarcation is still present. While I was brushing my hair the other day,  I was noticing a bit of breakage. It wasn't much but,
guys, I have a goal! and this little under processing incident CANNOT be my undoing.

I just said "Okay hair, I see you, I see how it is" :-D and I went back to what I know is best for my hair length retention-wise, and that's protective styling.

Instead of braids this time, however, I've been wearing twists, just for a little bit of a change :-)
What I like about them is that my hair appears fuller and thicker in the twists than when I had it in braids, so that's a nice change.

*hopefully you can see the highly textured "roots" in these pictures above*

I  moisturise and seal at nights focusing on the "roots" (ie the very textured texlaxed areas) as well as my ends. I've been doing the baggying every other night this week because my hair isn't feeling very dry at the moment, in fact I noticed that the very textured "roots" hold moisture quite well so far.... interesting.
When I go to work I pin it all up with bobby pins - Very Carefully placed. and sometimes, like this morning, I wear a head band.
I make sure that my ends are neatly rolled and tucked away, because I don't want the air conditioner at work to dry them out and cause them to break.

*Of Note*
On Monday night I noticed after a day at the beach my ends felt particularly dry and looked slightly disheveled, so I dipped them in a bit of water and while damp I coated them with coconut oil using my index finger and thumb. Then, very carefully, I combed the ends (one pass) with my fine tooth comb.
Oh, The Blasphemy! 
I know some of you are thinking it, because I was too! Lol. But honestly it got the ends smooth and the coconut oil gave it a lot of slip, and no hair came out in the comb. again it was just one pass so I think its all good. I let the ends air-dry, they were nice and smooth, and when they were about 90% dry I tucked them under and wrapped my hair up in a scarf and went to bed.
Ill let you know later on down the road if I notice any issues with this method. I just decided to try something at the time because I didn't like how my ends were looking, and that's what I came up with :-)

So what do I plan to do for the rest of the week?

I'm keeping it very simple guys:
  • Co-wash & Deep Condition on Saturday or Sunday with braids, Air dry and then Re-twist!
  • Make sure to drink my 3 liters of water a day, take my vitamins and get my 5 fruits and veggies in daily.
  • Exercise! Woot woot! (this is me psyching myself up, lol)
Yeppers, so that's about it for now, I'll be posting again soon, worry not!   :-D
I hope you guys are having a great day

Rachie :-)


Inversion Method Results... :-)

Hey There!

I was supposed to do this post yesterday on February 28th, 2014, oopsie! But today is March 1st so I'm not too far off target. By the way, is it me or the year rushing by? Crazy!

Anyhow, I did a post earlier this month on the Inversion Method and how I went about it. I Texlaxed my hair since then on February 22nd, 2014. I don't think this affected my length-check results though because in the before picture my new growth was well stretched, and right now my Texlaxed hair has quite a bit of texture.

So... Without further ado, here are my before and after pics:
Meh, There's no real difference unfortunately. I'm a teensie weensie bit sad about that. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Lol!