So, I'm Back to Protective Styling, This Time with Twists!... :-)

Hey There!!!

Oh goodness, I know I know, you're thinking, "Where have you been Rach? Its been ages!"
I know I know, I agree with you, it's been too long.
*hangs head in shame* Lol

Its been a hectic weekend/week thus far, but I'm now catching a breather to update you guys on "where I'm at" Hair-wise :-)

Given the title of this post, you already know that I'm back to protective styling  at 1 week and 4 days post relaxer/texlaxer. Why so early? 

Simply put, the left side of my hair is very under processed, and because of that, the line of demarcation is still present. While I was brushing my hair the other day,  I was noticing a bit of breakage. It wasn't much but,
guys, I have a goal! and this little under processing incident CANNOT be my undoing.

I just said "Okay hair, I see you, I see how it is" :-D and I went back to what I know is best for my hair length retention-wise, and that's protective styling.

Instead of braids this time, however, I've been wearing twists, just for a little bit of a change :-)
What I like about them is that my hair appears fuller and thicker in the twists than when I had it in braids, so that's a nice change.

*hopefully you can see the highly textured "roots" in these pictures above*

I  moisturise and seal at nights focusing on the "roots" (ie the very textured texlaxed areas) as well as my ends. I've been doing the baggying every other night this week because my hair isn't feeling very dry at the moment, in fact I noticed that the very textured "roots" hold moisture quite well so far.... interesting.
When I go to work I pin it all up with bobby pins - Very Carefully placed. and sometimes, like this morning, I wear a head band.
I make sure that my ends are neatly rolled and tucked away, because I don't want the air conditioner at work to dry them out and cause them to break.

*Of Note*
On Monday night I noticed after a day at the beach my ends felt particularly dry and looked slightly disheveled, so I dipped them in a bit of water and while damp I coated them with coconut oil using my index finger and thumb. Then, very carefully, I combed the ends (one pass) with my fine tooth comb.
Oh, The Blasphemy! 
I know some of you are thinking it, because I was too! Lol. But honestly it got the ends smooth and the coconut oil gave it a lot of slip, and no hair came out in the comb. again it was just one pass so I think its all good. I let the ends air-dry, they were nice and smooth, and when they were about 90% dry I tucked them under and wrapped my hair up in a scarf and went to bed.
Ill let you know later on down the road if I notice any issues with this method. I just decided to try something at the time because I didn't like how my ends were looking, and that's what I came up with :-)

So what do I plan to do for the rest of the week?

I'm keeping it very simple guys:
  • Co-wash & Deep Condition on Saturday or Sunday with braids, Air dry and then Re-twist!
  • Make sure to drink my 3 liters of water a day, take my vitamins and get my 5 fruits and veggies in daily.
  • Exercise! Woot woot! (this is me psyching myself up, lol)
Yeppers, so that's about it for now, I'll be posting again soon, worry not!   :-D
I hope you guys are having a great day

Rachie :-)


  1. I love the twists, they look so full.
    Wow u really do have a lot of texture, what are u gonna do about it?

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

    1. Girl I'm not even fully sure but I'm thinking of trying a corrective relaxer at 8weeks post. I'm a little scared though, I don't want to get overprocessed either, sigh. But yeah that's the working plan for now - corrective relaxer at 8 weeks post.

    2. Oh! And re the twists, thanx for the compliment! Ye I prefer them to the plaits for now bc they make me feel like I have more hair on my head,lol. Hugzez!