Back to Dry Deep Conditioning! Falling in Love All Over Again!... :-)

Hey There Guys!
I REALLY missed Dry Deep Conditioning for the last month and a half. My hair was put away in a long term protective style, so I wasn't able to do dry deep conditioning at all, for fear that I might not be able to wash out the conditioner properly.
Now that my hair is "free" I can dry deep condition as I please!

With things being so hectic, at least I'm able to deep condition during the week without having it interrupt my different engagements/responsibilities.
I used my trusty Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner:


Scalp Massage Oil with Rosemary - Good for Growth?... :-)

Hey There Guys!!

Let's talk Rosemary Oil :-)
Okay, so in my last post I had said I'd be filling you guys in on my new Rosemary Scalp Massage Oil, one of the benefits of my otherwise failed protective styling-with-weave attempt.

I came by it by complete chance actually...

I'm Back!!! - a Special "Whats Rachie Been Up To?" Post... :-)

Hey There Guys!!! 


Hope you all have been doing well on your Hair Journeys.
I feel awful that I haven't been keeping up with you guys for the last almost 2 months,
I had so many things going on at once this April/May it was unreal!!
I have started serious studying for exams again - because in medicine the studying never ends,
Working and Studying is no joke, hats off to all those who get their degrees and other certification while working and still maintaining some semblance of normal life... I salute you!


Lots and LOTs and LOTS has happened since you guys last saw/ heard/ read from me :-)
and it AINT all that pretty... sad to say...