Wash Day!... :-)

Hey There Guys!!!
*Wash Day Results :-)*

I hope you guys have been enjoying The World Cup as much as I am, I can't believe I'm not in Brazil right now!
Quick Hair Update:
I'm currently 2 Weeks & 4 Days Post Texlaxing.
I've been wearing a braid-out in buns and large braids for this week at Work and to the Beach this morning.

Today was an impromptu wash day for me...

Length Retention Tips - Things I've Learned Along the Way... :-)

Hey There!

Yours truly is still in "lala land" from having reached waist-length last week. I still sometimes can't fully believe it, I've done a length check 3 times since Monday just to be sure I didn't tell y'all nonsense. LOL!

I've worn my hair down twice since last week Wednesday, but apart from that I've been wearing messy top buns. My friends and co-workers have been asking be why I don't wear my hair down more often. The truth is, I am still all about length retention.
The thought of wearing my hair down all day in the AC, rubbing on my cotton white jacket, getting snagged while I put on and take off my handbag makes me cringe! Lol.

Maybe they are right,
Maybe I should make a point to enjoy my hair's new length a bit more, but the way I see it is:  
I just just just reached Waist-length,
I want it to be that way if not longer by the next 2 Texlaxing sessions for me to feel like "Ye, mih reach!" Lol.
In short, if I can reduce setbacks as much as possible and retain as much of my hard earned length as possible then I'll be happy.

Which brings me to the Topic at hand...

Yay! I've Reached Waistlength! A Special "Whats Rachie Up To?" Post... :-)

Hey There Guys!!!

I'm Happy to Report that I Texlaxed my hair on Wednesday June 11th 2014,
I've FINALLY Reached Waistlength!!!

Woot Woot! *Happy Dance*

The ends are on the Thinner side, but I expect that because I've had my share of setbacks in my journey, but to be at waist length right now is a big accomplishment for me, so I'LL TAKE IT!
I see no split ends at the moment, so I'll trim it next time (next texlax).
Thanks to all of my friends and family who have been really supportive, and listened to all my hair babble whether they wanted to or not, LOL...


No Scuba, Still Hard at Work, and Tired, BUT the HHJ MUST PREVAIL!!! :-D

Hey There Guys!!!
So, Yours truly has been on-call for what seems like an eternity, needless to say, I'm really tired right now.
I was supposed to go scuba diving on Saturday but alas, it was decided that it probably wouldn't be wise to be 30 feet below the water surface while tired.
So I had to reschedule for next weekend.

I did prepare my hair however, up to the morning of the Dive, so I'll just fill you in on how I prepared my hair.
I'll be doing it again next weekend and see if my hair was well protected or not, and I'll definitely fill you in on the details.

So... Pre-Dive Hair Prep:

Protective Styling my Hair
So as you know I put my hair in twists as a week-long protective styling option. Why not swim in twists right? Past experience has taught me that my hair likes to tangle WAY to much when it gets wet while in twists, but it seems pretty okay when in plaits. My hair looks thinner to me when in plaits so I did a half and half compromise.

This style also allowed me to distribute the conditioner and oil evenly on my my hair strands...
Which brings us to: