Whats Rachie Up To? Weekly Round-up Time!... :-)

Hey There!

Can you believe its almost September ALREADY?? Gosh this year is really flying by! That aside, as you guys know, I have been wearing plaits/braids for the last week.

I started to get a little bit bored, so...
Midweek I attempted to put braid extensions over the existing braids themselves, and I didn't quite like how they looked, so after putting in 5, I took them out. I think the parts have to be smaller and neater for me to attempt that, because I normally part my hair with my fingers to avoid breakage...

What's Rachie Been Up To?

Last relaxer date: June 11th, 2014
Currently: 10 weeks and 5 days post Relaxer/Texlax.
Next Relaxer: I'm not sure, Seriously considering doing a Texlax session this week with a trim...

Weekly Hair Goals Round-Up:
  • Daily Moisturizing & Sealing - Yay, 10/10! I've been diligent with my daily moisturizing and sealing of my plaits/braids.
  • Twice Weekly Dry Deep Conditioning - Dry Deep Conditioning occurred only once this week (on Wednesday night). My hair seems very "conditioned" according my friend at an improntu lunch on Saturday so I didn't bother to Deep Condition again.
  • Exercise and Water 1.5-3L/day - Exercise was dismal, only twice that last week, BUT I did drink 1.5 at least per day. Spin class has to see me this evening!
  • Baggying/GHE Method on alternate days - I was going to do this on alternate days but I found my hair didn't need it, so I did it every 3 days and it went well, my braids/plaits feel very moisturised! :-)
  • Weekly Tea Rinses - Gibbie! I didn't do my tea rinse! Lol, And thing is I need to do it because I still had some shedding when I redid a few of my plaits/braids at the back. I will be doing it this week for sure, especially if I plan to Texlax this week.
  • Weekly Scalp Massages - Shame, I didn't get to do this either, It completely slipped my mind so I just took 5 minutes from writing this post to do one! No time like the present! :-D
How I'm feeling about my hair today:
I have a love/not-so-love relationship going on with my protective style at the moment. I am a bit bored with the style because I've been doing plaits and twists for much of this year. I must admit that without them I would NOT have retained the length that I've managed to retain this year.
When I took out a few braids to redo them and check in on how my hair was doing - it felt so soft, moisturised and DETANGLED - the brush slipped right through... in all good conscience, how can I argue with that?
I still am considering getting braid extensions installed but as I said with smaller parts and probably a bit of help from a hairdresser - if not I have to be prepared to dedicate a whole day to doing it myself...
That being said, I'm also considering Texlaxing my hair anytime between this week and 2 weeks from now, it really depends on how I feel. As you can probably tell by now I don't have a strict schedule for these things once I pass the 10-11 week mark or at least 1 inch of new growth.

Hair Care To-do list:
  1. Drink 1.5-3L water every day
  2. Exercise Daily! no excuses :-)
  3. TEA RINSE this week!
  4. Scalp massages twice a week :-)
So That's about it! I hope you guys have a great hair week, and if you have any suggestions re my protective styling dilemma feel free to leave them in the comments section below! I'm open to new ideas :-)

See ya'll soon!

Rachie :-)

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