My Co-Wash Wash Day! :-)

Hey There Guys!
This is a really quick Wash Day Post/Check-In.
We are (well I am) interrupting the Hair Typing Series to bring you a realllly quick Wash day post!
Worry not, Part 3 is on its way very soon!
*wink, wink*
This past weekend, I was all set to do a proper co-wash (no shampoo because my hair was feeling a tad dry), followed by my Tea Rinse, Moisturizing Deep Conditioning, ACV Rinse, Air-Dry and Twist hair with a home-made flaxseed gel recipe that I've been wanting to try a la Naptural85 and my friend Shana...
Yeah, so that was the plan but then I realized, shoot I had work that weekend! So I'd just have to do a make shift wash session with the pockets of free time that I had...

STEP 1: I Hopped into the shower and Co-washed with my Mane and Tail Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. After a 5 minute scalp massage I rinsed it out.

STEP 2: I then re applied some more of the same Conditioner, hopped out of the shower (Ye lots of hopping because I was very mindful of the time, LOL, because that's what people do when they rush, they Hop! Jokes! okay seriously back to wash day...). I Put on a plastic cap and sat under the over head dryer for about 30 minutes.
STEP 3: I then rinsed out the conditioner with Cold Water and followed with an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. You noticed with all my hopping I forgot to do a Tea Rinse? *rolls eyes at myself*

STEP 4: Time to go to work! so I quickly rubbed some Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner in my palms and applied it to the length of my hair (Yuppers! you read right, I used it as a leave-in conditioner - worked out quite well actually, maybe because I only used a little bit) & rubbed some of my grapeseed+castor oil mix on my scalp with my finger-tips, gathered my hair up into a pony tail and put on a headband to smooth out the front:
STEP 5: Now back home and hair on the outside is dry but hair within the ponytail itself was still quite damp. Had to dry it by finger detangling in front of a standing fan to speed up the process.

STEP 6: Sectioned the hair and applied Profectiv Mega Growth Daily Leave-In Strengthener to the length of each section followed by a bit of the Grapeseed+Castor Oil Mix.

STEP 7: I then detangled each section from ends to roots with my Denman Brush, very carefully. I had to slow down for this part because this is where I tend to get breakage especially when I rush. 
STEP 8: I put each section into plaits and done, was just too tired to attempt to make any Flaxseed Gel... that'll have to be next Wash Day.
STEP 9: I wore the plaits the following day complete with a headscarf in a bun, but they were different sizes and felt a little bit dry towards the roots...

STEP 10: Re-moisturize - i.e. That evening I took down each plait and I moisturized and sealed each section again and this time put twists in.
STEP 11: The twists were then gathered on 2 sides and the ends plaited and rolled on a Felixrod, Satin scarf and off to Bed!
STEP 12: "Ready like Freddy" to be styled in like literally 2 seconds for work the following morning!
This is and will be my hair style for the rest of the week until wash day this weekend coming.

I still moisturize and seal at nights, but on alternate nights, because it feels quite soft and moisturized right now thankfully.

So that wash My Wash Day! How was yours?
Be sure to check out the following link to see how other ladies wash day went!

The Wash Day Experience
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Have a great Weekend!

Rachie :-) 


  1. I love hairstyles like this.
    Totally Chic

    I bet that this style creates GAWGeous twist out waves!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Heya girlie! Thanks so much for having me again! Yep, I'm pretty happy with the twists, they have served me well thus far. Twist out waves for the weekend would be awesome for real!
      Thanks again for stopping by :-D

  2. Your hair looks so shiny and moisturized! Your co-wash looks like it was a success!

    1. Aww thanks so much! Yeah the co-wash worked out well and I'm happy I moisturized and sealed a second time, my hair is much happier now. It needed the extra moisture. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  3. Your hair looks really great like this. I thought it was twists at first. I like how the braids/plaits are thick and skinny thin. That really helps that style come together and look absolutely amazing.