Yayness! A Feature! - With A Quick HHJ Recap... :-)

Hey There Guys!

I just wanted to share a quick post as I've really felt quite blessed over the past few days.
Despite all the stresses that life can throw ones way, you have to really stop and give thanks for the good bits here and there.

I'm really happy to share with you guys that I was featured on one of my FAVOURITE BLOGS since the very beginning of my HHJ, Relaxed Hair Health!!

I'm so excited and humbled at the same time!!! Y'all have no idea :-D
To have come 360 and be featured by a blog that was one of the main resources when I started DAY 1 of my HHJ, it's pretty cool.

On reflection...
To go from THIS...
(October 2012)

To THIS...

In less than 2 years, 
DESPITE the setbacks I faced, has been pretty cool too.
For that, I am very grateful to all those ladies that SHARE their advice and experiences and inspire us to give this HHJ a try despite our often deep seated self-doubts,
just to name a few!:-)

Some things(techniques/products) work for some people, others work for others, its all trial and error, a fun process, a JOURNEY! Overall, its been a great experience!

Thank you guys for stopping by to read my posts from time to time, and thanks to those that follow me :-)Hugz!!!HHJ to us all!!!

Oh! By The Way, 
I just just just started a Facebook page, its in its very early stages, but feel free to visit and "Like" as you please! I'd love to hear from you guys!
Click here for "Rachie's Facebook Page": 
"WashDay Recap" and "Product Review" in progress, So I'll see you tomorrow!

Rachie :-)

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