Deep Conditioning in Braids - Listening to my hair!!!

Hey There Guys!
I just wanted to share a little something I noticed about my hair this weekend – Yes, I’m still learning, after all this time…

Turns out my hair Loves Deep Conditioning more often than I normally do it! At least of late it does – as in more than twice a week?!
Are you kidding?
#whohastimeforthat? Lol!

HOW I FOUND OUT: Okay, so on Saturday and Sunday I went diving, Yayness!

So I prepped my hair by putting it in braids with a twist for the last 1/3 of each section that I braided – I get less tangles this way...

*Meh, I forgot to take pics of my hair on the boat, oops, there's the accidental one in the top left corner*

I made sure to coat my hair with conditioner each morning before my dive – to reduce the amount of salt water that my hair absorbs.

DAY 1:  I came home – rinsed my hair with warm water thoroughly then coated with my Mane and Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, put on a plastic cap then a scarf to secure the plastic cap, and let that sit overnight. In the early EARLY am – I rinsed it out, then coated the hair from root to tip with my “Grapeseed + Castor Oil Mix”, then proceeded to air dry my hair. 
DAY 2: I repeated the process but did a protein treatment with my Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor for 5 minutes and rinsed thoroughly prior to using my Mane and Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner.
HAIR SOFTNESS ++++++!!!!
My hair felt even softer!! It’s as if that’s what it had been asking me for, a bit of protein and extra Deep Conditioning TLC.
*Air Drying my Braids-Twists*
It’s just a reminder to me that even though I have a schedule for these things, sometimes my hair will need a little extra love and care, I may just deep condition again on Wednesday depending on how my hair feels,

Lesson relearned: LISTEN TO YOUR HAIR!!!

This was a good lesson to relearn early, I don't want any setbacks in 2015 #speakitintobeing!

Is there anything you guys have had to relearn on your journeys?
Drop a line in the comments section below,
I'd love to hear from you,
we're all in this together!
2015 is gonna be a GREAT HHJ YEAR! 
Woot Woot!

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Girl you got me singing "Welcome to Jamrock" lol. Are you related to the Thwaites in Grenada by any chance. You guys resemble (Trevor and his daughter Neisha Thwaites).

    1. Hahahaha! Great stuff, good song *thumbs up* About the Thwaites in Greneda, I'm not sure you know! That's interesting... I'll ask my family back home for sure! As far as I know all Thwaites in Jamaica are related, so its an interesting possibility! :-)

    2. lol. Yeah so know how we do in in the Islands. if we got the same surname then we all related somehow. Have a great day hun

  2. Proper detangling.

    I know that my hair is happier when its stretched but for whatever reason (not enough time, feeling lazy, trying to skip steps in the process) there are still times when I don't detangle my hair properly. Then to make matters worse, because I know that detangling will be miserable afterwards, I won't touch my hair for days. SMH. Its a terrible cycle girl. Just terrible. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. IKR???? Sheeeee, its so much work to detangle, for me its like washing the dishes - sometimes I just don't wanna! I know I HAVE to but gosh man, it hard! LOL! But the consequences of NOT detangling are even worse, yeah I've been stuck in that SAME cycle before, not pretty at all! Thanks again for having me on #thewashdayexperience!

  3. yay for your dive!
    I've had to relearn low manipulation *step away from the comb!*

    1. Yes girl! Its hard to step away from the comb, lol, I'm hoping I don't get bored and give in. I may experiment with scarves, jewellery, braid extensions etc to keep things interesting... We'll see

  4. I'll definitely take some of these points when I go snorkeling next... looks like you had a light-bulb wash day moment :)

    1. Ok cool beans! Lemme know how it goes when you try it out Rebecca! Thanks so much for stopping by :-)