Happy New Year!...Just Married! :-)

Hey There Guys!!!
I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday and that the new year brings you all the joy, happiness and prosperity you desire
Big Hugz!

Where have I been you ask?
I got married to my best friend in the whole world on December 13th 2014 in my home town Montego Bay Jamaica! Yayness!

It was a lovely very small & intimate gathering of family and dear friends,
But don't let "small and intimate" fool you, it was nuff work and stress to prepare for so yeppers peppers I definitely wasn't able to blog at that time.
I would like to share a few pics though!

Bridal Shower...
*My lovely bridesmaids :-) Who are also on hair journeys, Woot woot!
Wedding Day...

*photos by Denise Mason - Denise Mason Photography, Make up by Angelie Spencer (follow on instagram @angeliespeno), Dress, Leggenda Bridal
*Atlantis - Bahamas!* 
*Swimsuit - big ups to Kristen, Owner of Trefle Designs #beyonceprint
Check out her site "here"

photobombed by a fish!!! LOL!
*Shark Dive - Stuarts Cove Dive Shop in Bahamas

(1) I Cut it! - Yep I cut approximately 2.5 inches off in the first week of December because I just didn't like my ends and also.... Chris insists stress made me do it, LOL!
(2) Shedding shedding and MORE SHEDDING with all the stress of wedding preparations and making sure this was shipped here and this arrived there and if this was set up and arranging bridesmaid and guest gifts etc... my hair was shedding like crazy! it was unreal! but honestly by the wedding day itself, I didn't care #excitement
(3) BREAKAGE - yeah this was no bueno. And on honeymoon there was not gonna be any "strong protein" treatment business, I had better things to do -uzzimi? LOL! So I basically cowashed once/twice per week to hold me over until about 8 days ago when I did an Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment, breakage is now MUCH REDUCED, thank goodness!
(4) Last Texlax - November 15th 2014, Next Texlax - Not sure yet, playing it by ear ;-) Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the post-texlax session right now because my phone died, and I haven't recovered all my pics yet. I will post them once they've been recovered.

Hair Journey -  2014, a Year in Review:
Pretty happy with that progress!! 2013-2014 was great,
& I'm hoping 2015 will be even better!!!

Where my hair is at now (with all the cutting/shedding/breakage)...

My mummy-in-law :-D
*Pics taken in St Lucia - miss it! -  my husbands home country*

Since coming back from honeymoon/vacay I've deep conditioned about a million times, okay I exaggerate, LOL, 4 times total, all with co-washing. My hair was so dry! Ugh! After Air-drying yesterday, I decided to do a protective style.... PLAITS! Yay...kindah. It'll take some getting used to again, I miss having my hair free already...Anyhow, after plaiting, I then... 

 Cut an extra inch from some plaits and inch and a half from others...
All this trimming is hard, I don't even want to add it all up, but I want to work on thickness and health for the next few months. If length comes also that'd be awesome sauce!

New Year's Hair Plans:
I get scared of making new year resolution proclamations, follow through can be hard!
(1) I'll keep my regimen simple this year
(2) WHIP length with full+thick ends is my main goal!
(3) I'll be keeping you guys posted on a regular!

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and thanks for all the well wishes!
Feel free to comment below,
I'd love to hear from you, its been ages! How was the Holiday Season &What are your Hair goals for 2015?!

Bigz Hugz!
Rachie :-)


  1. But a weh di?!

    Congratulationssss! Awesome awesome stuff Rachel! So that's what you've been busy doing! Mazel tov!

    Wishing your union much love and blessings! Great stuff! Big up!

    1. Heya Gibbie!! Happy New Year! yeah man I felt a way that I couldn't keep up with the posts but yeah as you can see I was pretty busy. Thanks so much for the well wishes, big hugz!

  2. Congrats on your wedding, Rachel. You look so pretty! You have some nice goals. One of my goals for 2015 is to maintain my ends.

    1. Aww thanx so much! Yeah maintaining ends is a great goal! I really wanted to work on regaining fullness with healthy ends too. Here's to a successful and hopefully setback-free HHJ in 2015! :-)

  3. Congratluations! You and your wedding party looked awesome!

    1. Thanks so much! Happy New Year, and thanks for stopping by! :-)

  4. congratttssss!!!!!! lol
    God's richest blessings!

    1. Hey Abbi! Thanks so much girlie, Big Hugz! :-)

  5. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May God continue to bless your union!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Awwwww thanks KLP!!! I pray so too, big Hugz! :-)

  6. Congratulations Rachel! sorry its coming late. I just noticed the ring on your finger in your most recent post and decided top check a few posts back. May your home be love and fun-filled. I'm sorry about the shedding. I'm very sure you'll get back your desired length this year.

  7. Thanks so much Hilda! Hugz! I pray my home will be as you describe, and as for the hair, I hope so too. I'm giving myself 2015 to get it done! hhj 2015! :-) Thanks again for your well wishes, that's really sweet. It made my Friday! :-)