Wash Day with Ghee Butter! :-)

Hey There!
My wash day yesterday was pretty simple:

  1. Pre-poo: with Scalp Massage oil to the scalp and Ghee Butter to the hair strands the day before Wash Day...I have been curious to try the Ghee butter for a while now, I have to say it wasn't bad! I heard it stinks but I didn't' have that experience, maybe because I only used a tablespoon, or maybe its the brand that I used? Needless to say I went around smelling mostly like lemon grass yesterday, awesome!
  2. Then I proceeded with Wash Day after work Yesterday:  Alas, I haven't had time to put my hair back in braids! Crazy, where do the hours in a day go boy....Anyhow, Turns out I have 1 inch to 1 and 1/4 inches of new growth, so it was a bit trying...
  3. Yes, so I sectioned my hair in 2 (left and right), and faced my new growth like an Adult, lol!
  4. I then rinsed with warm water and lightly detangled with my fingers, so far so good...
  5. Then I Shampooed with Doo Grow Moisturising Gro Shampoo, conclusion: My hair does NOT like this shampoo, and I was only using it because my Design Essentials Moisture Retention Shampoo was finished, and I saw that this bottle still had some product in it. My hair felt DRY, sigh, so I promptly threw it away - there was less than 1/4 bottle left anyway so, that was that.
  6. I then coated my hair with a generous amount of Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor, put on a plastic cap and sat under the dryer for 15 minutes.
  7. Rinse with warm followed by cold water and then coated my hair with HEHH Conditioner followed by Avocado oil and tried to detangle a bit more. My hair was refusing to be soft and happy... smh. I let the conditioner and oil marinate for about 15 minutes...
  8. I would have gone under the drier for 45 minutes but time ran out on me - I had an engagement at 6:30pm! So I rinsed with warm water followed by cold water again, then wrapped my hair in a cotton T-shirt for 10 minutes, and then Air Dried using the Scarf Method with my Grape seed + Castor Oil Mix and the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk.
  9. It felt softer but definitely not as soft as I would have liked. I still had a little bit of breakage, I suspect a bit of that was my rushing - I should know better, but ahh well, its much improved!
  10. I left my hair out with the Scarf at the front and went out! very poofy - I forgot to take pics, sorry guys!
 In a Poofy Bun for work this Morning

I definitely plan to Deep Condition and put my hair back in Braids/twists, because I don't want to be caught in a rush again and have any breakage in impatience.

As for the Ghee Butter...
I think I'd like to try this one again before I give my full opinion/review on it, using my Design Essentials Shampoo this time.
I like the smell and I've read good things about it, so we'll see. If I'm still underwhelmed/non-excited the next time, I'll be a teensy bit sad, because it's so soft and sweet smelling (to me at least) but, pssh you live you learn!

So that's about it! How did your wash Day go?
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  1. Awww your bun looks so gorg and healthy!! How do you get your hair to be so thick from root to ends?? :)

    I def want to try ghee butter I've only used it in cooking :)

    1. Thanks Becca! The thick part is the air dried texlaxed part, texlaxing gives my hair more body, so I'm a BIG believer in the Texlaxing movement, lol! My ends are thinner and tucked away because they are the older relaxed (i.e. straighter) part of my hair. I haven't reached that stage yet of full thickness to the ends but here's hoping for Dec 2015! woot woot!
      If you try the Ghee butter, can you let me know how it goes? I'd love to know! Thanks so much for stopping by :-)

  2. What a pretty scarf! Suh wait, u deep conditioning 2 days in a row? U going hard! lol

    1. ROFL! Go hard or go home! LOL yeah I was feeling a teensy bit sad about the not-so-softness-ness. I'm basically Dry Deep Conditioning in the early morning hours as I type :-) Gosh the amount of work we put in sometimes huh?! lol.

    2. Oh! And thanks (about the scarf), I bought it for literally $1 on sale somewhere, I think maybe "claire's" but I cant remember. I luv it too its really versatile.

  3. This post was so entertaining...sounds like me when I am going at it with my hair late at night. I am just a fussing and talking all to my lonesome self...haha. Your bun is awesome!

    1. Hahahahaha!!! Yes! it can be lonely sometimes when deep conditioning etc, the husband is not going to stick around for that whole process *side eye*, so you have to talk to yourself I suppose, LOL. Thanks girlie for the compliment and thanks so much for stopping by! :-)

  4. Your bun looks so lush. I've also heard good things about ghee but never tried

  5. **cues music*** I love big buns and I cannot lie, those skinny buns can't deny....LOL
    Love the bun Rachie. Big and Fluffy