Wash Day Experience! and Obama Reach Jamdown! :-)

Hey There!

How are you guys? I hope that you had a great Easter Holiday and/or are having a great Passover :-) 
I was workin unfortunately through the ENTIRE Easter Holiday...
 #thatslife #lifesnotfairsometimes #turningnegativesintopositivessincejanuary2015

So as usual, when I'm super busy, my wash day stretches over a 2-3 day span if I'm on call. I know I will not get a 4 hour span to pamper it the way I would want to because I am always weary my phone will ring and I'll have to drop what I'm doing and go.

So Wash Day Day 1:
Detangling was a breeze as my hair was protective styled in low bun-thingies for 10 days
After detangling, I slathered my hair with Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner 
and followed it up with Vatika Oil (pictured below).
I then put my hair in a low bun, covered with a plastic cap and attempted to deep condition using just my body heat.
Sure enough I had to leave the house so I had to take off the cap but the bun looked decent (to me at least) and that was that until... the day after the following day!!! Ugh yup, busy and catching the flu put my wash day on stand-still
Monday am I finally was free, I went to the beach in the am
I then resumed my wash day in the afternoon:
I rinsed my  hair with warm water, then shampooed with Design Essentials Honey Creme Moisture Retention Shampoo (YAY!! I finally got some!),
I then conditioned with Tresseme' Flawless Culrs Curl Hydrating Conditioner (just bought this last week Thursday - for about $7 because I run out of conditioner like nobody's business and they had nil Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner)  and coated the hair with Sweet Almond Oil.
I left this for 1/2 hr then rinsed with warm water followed by cold water.
I then dried my hair with a cotton T-shirt for 15 mins
then allowed my hair to air dry with the scarf method, making sure to apply my usual loose air-drying leave-ins (pictured below - Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum) and sealing with a bit of Grapeseed & Sweet Almond Oil (mixing things up a bit, hehehe)

*Hair still damp here, and there's a scarf at the front though not seen in this pic*

Right now, my hair is in a messy top bun, and I'm planning to keep away from the brush/comb for about a week,
and only use my fingers -
In an attempt to keep breakage to a minimum.

I take down the bun,
moisturize and seal the ends, scalp massage and do the baggying method for about an hour
each night.

Here's hoping for some awesome growth and length retention this year!

Oh! By the way! Big up to all Jamaicans at home and in Farrin' - we are all ECSTATIC that Obama is visiting Jamaica!

Woot woot!

*The President meeting our Prime Minister The Hon Portia Simpson Miller*

*Obama at Bob Marley Museum*

(he actually could pull off locs... hmmm...)
*Obama at UWI - University of the West Indies - my alma mater! - bigging up Usain Bolt and Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce*

Anyhow, I digress, this is after all, a Wash day post, forgive the ramblings of a homesick Jamaican please,

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*Oh by the way I will be doing a post on Texlaxing pretty soon, I haven't forgotten! bear with me plz :-) hugz!*

Rachie :-)


  1. I've always admired your hair since I saw the feature on JustGrowAlready! Knowing that you do the baggy method for your ends inspires me more to do it, although I'm afraid of wet ends, haha. Happy Wash Day!

    Kenya | With My Coils

    1. Heya Kenya!! Thanks so much :-D, Yeah baggying is great when I remember to do it, maybe use just a small amount of conditioner and do it for maybe an hour a day instead of overnight? Yeah you're right for some people the moisture created can be a bit too much - but I think once you find a balance (i.e. decreasing the amount of conditioner and or the amount of time you spend baggying) then you should be fine. Lemme know if that helps any at all :-D

  2. Baggying never works for me unless i am doing it wrong as my scalp is always damp and never my ends. Even if i wrap my ends alone in plastic it does not get damp at all. I could not deal with a lengthy wash day though. I just want it over with after i start the process.

    1. Hi Shantel! Yeah looong wash days are tiring, lol #aintnobodygottimeforthat #unlessyouhavenochoice LOL! do you put a leave in conditioner on the ends (in a bun) before you place that plastic cap on them? If you do all that and see no benefit, then maybe baggying isn't for you - each of us is unique with a unique head of hair - and that's fine because there are techniques that will work for some and not others, that's just how it is. If simple moisturizing and sealing does your hair good, that's awesome!

  3. I used Design Essentials products years ago long before starting my hair journey, I would love to try them now on my texlaxed hair

    1. Heya Candice! Thanks so much for stopping by, I find that my hair doesn't like the Design Essentials conditioners much - though others swear by them - but the shampoo has never failed me yet! I definitely recommend this shampoo, its amazing.
      If you happen to purchase and use it, lemme know how it works for you! :-D

  4. Your bun is very pretty. How did you do it?

    And I'm loving the Obama meme

    1. Hi Yvette! Thanks so much for your compliment - girl I'm not sure if I can explain the bun process well lol, but I'll try - I just bent forward and swirled the hair around on top of my head to make a messy bun and then pinned it down with 3 or 4 hair pins, and 1 large hair "stick". No hair ties. I try to keep hair tie usage to a minimum to reduce breakage.
      Re the Obama meme: Yes! they are hilarious, my Facebook feed was full of them yesterday!

  5. It's a proud moment to have Obama in the Caribbean. How long are you stretching for?
    I actually bag my entire head for 2 hour or so every other night when my hair is extremely thirty. Yes it works!

    1. Heya Tomes! Re Obama: It is! We were pretty excited :-) as for stretching, I'm not sure - I'm hoping to go for 16 weeks at least but we will see. My hair likes the baggying too #moisturerescue! Lol

  6. Busy lady! Are you a fireman as you always have to be on stand by?

    Love the thickness of your hair!

    1. Yes girl busy busy these last couple weeks, lol! I'm a Dr. So it goes. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words! :-)

  7. Your low bun thingy looks pretty :-)) how is the Shea moisture curl & style milk treating you?

    1. Thanks Becca! So far so good once I only use a dime-sized amount. If I use too much (I have a heavy hand when it comes to products, lol) it can leave my hair kind of stiff/strawlike. Do you use Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk too?

    2. I'm also abit heavy handed on products, still on the quest for the perfect leave-in lol, I do not use it but I might try :-)

    3. Yeah girl, the quest to find the perfect leave in is tedious, smh, lol.
      I settled on profectiv mega growth daily strengthener leave in conditioner as my go to for daily moisturizing and sealing mainly. I tend use the shea moisture curl & style milk, paul mitchell super skinny serum and neutrogena triple moisture leave in conditioner mainly on wash day for air drying - seal with oil mix of course.

  8. I love your commitment to protecting your ends chica! I'd never remember to baggy every night! 2015 is your year!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks KLP!! I try my best, some nights I'm naughty and forget to do baggying, but I try, LOL.

  9. Haha! This post is too funny. I love the hair.