Kurly Klips! Protective Styling in Style... :-)


Kurly Klips! I said I’d get back to you guys, and here it is, my Kurly Klips debut! Result!

Guys I’m so excited about this post you have no idea! Eeps! LOL
As you guys know I’m currently on a long term protective style mission (queue James bond background music) :-D

I’ve had my hair in small plaits/braids since November 2013. So I’m nearing the 3 month mark! Woot woot! Braids alone can get boring though, if you are like me after a week or 2 you want to change things up a bit. 
While browsing the blogs and YouTube channels for hair care and styling ideas, I came across a post, on a natural hair care blog, about "natural hair" extensions, namely Kurly Klips.
It looked so real that I just HAD to check out the website:
Extensions that looked like natural hair?! It was new to me, I was fascinated!

Week-long Hair Challenge Round Up... :-)

Hey there!

It's time for my Week-long Hair Challenge Round Up! :-)

So... I gave myself a Week-long Hair Challenge last week. The results are as follows:

What's Rachie up to? - Hair Update Week 4, 2014... :-)

Hey there!!!

Its weekly update time again, already! I've had a busy week, but busy is better that bored, so I'm thankful. In terms of hair care, I must admit I'm not quite on the ball yet, but its okay. It takes me about 10 days (yes 10 days, I've actually documented this, lol) to get into groove of any new LONG TERM project I want to take on. In fact, I believe I read once that it takes 21 days to make something a Habit, so I'm not gonna be too hard on myself. :-D

Okay, onto the Update...

Last relaxer date: October 10th 2013
Currently: 14 weeks and 1 day post relaxer!!! AWESOME SAUCE! I've NEVER gone this long between relaxers. Having my hair in braids has really helped with this :-D
Next Relaxer: I'm STILL not sure. :-) I'm considering doing my protective styling for another 2-4weeks before I go ahead and texlax my hair. We will see!

How I'm feeling about my hair today: about 8/10 today :-)
Points gained: 

Protective Styling, "Wiggin" it to win it! Eeeps!... :-)

Hey there!

Yep I'm in protective styling mode, vibin ;-)

I've been wearing braids, as I've said before since last year January, at least in free braids as a style all on its own. But to be fair I had forgotten that it was in braids (larger ones) for the month of November 2103 when I went through my experimental phase with wigs... WIGS!!! Oooooooo!!!
Say What Now??!!
Now, for those who know me, this will definitely come as a Big Shock, because I've never in my life worn a wig before. If I did it was probably for a costume party or a play or something.
So what was it that convinced me to even try it? well I was browsing Nadege's hair blog (like as in I do this on a regular, the girl has some boss hair tips and really fun and informative hair-care interviews) when I saw this interview with a girl who goes by the name "pre_medicalrulz". She had managed to achieve thick and healthy waist length hair after a year of wearing... you guessed it! WIGS!

Monday is here!!! Hair Challenge for the week... :-)

Hey guys! :-)

This is a "Psych-Myself-Up" kindah post. Its a Monday, so a little pick-me-up is always good.

Has anyone noticed that we are in the 4th week of the year already??!!! Its Crazy how quickly time flies!
One of my promises to myself for 2014 is to make better use of my time; to be more productive with the little bits of free time here and there, because they can really add up.

So starting small, one week at a time, I want to challenge myself week by week with my hair care routine. THIS week I MUST accomplish the following on a daily basis:


What's Rachie up to? - Hair Update Week 3, 2014... :-)

Hey there! So in keeping with my new years resolution to be more diligent with my blog posts, I've decided that I'd like to do a weekly hair update. Just a little summary of whats been happening hair-wise for that week, any new ideas I may have, things I'd like to try or have tried etc.

Here goes!
Captains log 17/01/14 0700hrs... Lol jokes

Last relaxer date: October 10th 2013

Currently: 13 weeks and 1 day post relaxer
Next relaxer: Boy... Not sure, I'm either doing a very loooong relaxer stretch or I'm POSSIBLY transitioning to natural ;-) I'm not fully sure just yet (Don't hold me to it!)

How I'm feeling about my hair today: about 8/10 today :-)
Points gained: I'm very happy with the progress I've made over the past year:

From this...

To this...


Happy New Year!!!! :-)

Hey there!!!! Its been ages I know! Naughty naughty Rach!

Being new to this blog thing, I hadn't realized just how quickly the days can pass by when life just gets uber hectic, and I'm like, hang on, I'm doing all this hair care work still but I haven't been posting!

I was home for the holidays in Montego Bay, Jamaica for the first time in just over a year! *happy dance* It was so great to be home see the family and a few friends. It was a quiet holiday but good vibes in general.
:-D Needless to say blogging kindah took a backseat this holiday, eeps :-)

Protective styling (braids) while Beachin it up... :-D
Awww, I miss home already