Yayness! I Finally Passed BSL!!! - Hair Update Week 8, 2014... :-)

Hey There Guys!

Yes you guessed it, I Texlaxed yesterday, and I'm happy to report that I have passed BSL (Bra Strap Length)!!! Woot woot!
I'm really happy that all the months of braids and 2-day-long wash and re-braid days paid off. I know the ends look kind of straggly here but worry not I checked them, no splits seen. The above picture was taken after I got home from the hairdresser.

I decided Thursday evening that It was time to Texlax. I took out my braids and thoroughly detangled my hair and replaced them with twists. I made sure to moisturize and seal thoroughly too. 
The Friday night I put coconut oil along the length of my strands and then tied my hair up in a scarf and was off to bed.

In the morning I had my bag full of all the products I'd need at the hairdresser:

Check List:
  1. Relaxer - ORS Olive Oil Lye Relaxer  Normal Strength for Fine-Medium hair Textures 
  2. Vaseline - To base and thus protect the scalp
  3. Neutralizing Shampoo - Moitions Neutralizing Shampoo
  4. Protein Treatment - Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor
  5. Moisturizing Deep Conditioner - HEHH Moisturizing Conditioner
  6. Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner/Serum - Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in Conditioner/ Fantasia IC Leave-in Moisturizer (for extra dry hair)/ Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum.
  7. Denman Brush - To brush out/detangle my Twists. 

When I reached the hairdresser I let out the twists MYSELF and brushed them out with my Denman brush, I trust no one to do that for me with their fine tooth comb and their casual disregard for peoples ends and their hard work at length retention... That's a whole other topic of discussion! Uzzimi.
The hairdresser and I followed the step by step process I normally follow when I Texlax: See link here.
It went fairly well. My hair was processed JUST how I liked it, with a good amount of texture still left behind. There is one small section to the back left that I feel was less processed than the rest of my hair, but that's ok. 
My only complaint was that my hair felt really dry afterwards because of 2 things: 1. I forgot to do an ACV Rinse and 2. I gave in and allowed them to use their own deep conditioner, and it was obviously not a moisturizing one because when he was brushing out my dried hair I saw bits of broken hair falling, so I took over management, Lol, and brushed the ends myself, and they felt really dry and a bit tangled... strange huh? I wasn't amused.

Decision: The next Texlax will be done my ME and no one else, done! I've now said it and put it out there in the universe, hehe. I plan to follow through on that one.

When I came Home:
  • I quickly jumped in the shower and co-washed with Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner and Tresemme' Naturals Moisturizing conditioner.
  • I Rinsed thoroughly.
  • Then I applied HEHH (Herbal Essences Hello Hydration) Conditioner, and applied Coconut Oil Liberally on top of the Conditioner.
  • I then covered my conditioner+oil saturated hair with a plastic cap and deep conditioned under my hooded drier for an hour.
  • I then rinsed my hair quickly with COLD water.
  • Then I did an ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Rinse followed by cold water again.
  • Wrapped my hair in an old cotton T-shirt for 3 minutes

  • Coated my wet hair ends and hair line with Castor Oil + Sweet Almond Oil, tied a scarf around my edges and proceeded to air-dry as I normally do.
  • Intermittently, I would finger comb my hair to help it dry faster, and I'd add a bit of Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk to my strands, Its Official - My hair LOVES THIS STUFF!

My hair felt Soooooooooo Much BETTER!

I know there are a FEW repeating pictures, Lol, but I'm just really excited to see that my hard work has paid off so far. I love love LOVE Texlaxing because my hair still gets to keep texture, fullness and body. The decision to transition to Texlaxed hair was one of the best decisions I've made on my HHJ.
I think I'm MBL (Mid-Back Length) now without a major trim - which I'm not doing yet because my ends seem to be ok (ie no splits) - and for that I am really grateful. I think I have 1.5 or 2 inches to Waistlength! I need to do an accurate measurement and update you guys. 

For the rest of this week I plan to deep condition with my HEHH Moisturizing Conditioner and Coconut Oil every other day, with baggying nightly to make sure that I get my hair moisture back to the level it was before Texlax day.

Yayness! So that's about it! I'll be doing a exercise and Fruit & Veggie challenge update on Tuesday, so stay tuned for that. If you have any queries or comments feel free to leave them below.
Have a great Sunday!

Rachie :-)


  1. Your hair is gorgeous and the texture is smooth. Congrats on attaining BSL....I'm just a few inches away trying to baby my ends so I can get there gracefully by June cos I'm at BSB currently since my hair hangs below my armpit now.

    1. Awwww thank you so much girlie!! BSL has been a long time coming, whew! Congrats to you too on reaching BSB, I found SL to APL can take a while and lots of patience. I wish for u smooth sailing to your next hair length goal! Thanks so much for stopping by :-)

  2. Yaaayyy! lol congrats on MBL! Your hair looks great! Your hard work really paid off. I wonder if the inversion helped or nah?
    Wow u rly packed up ALL your products to take to the salon hahaha. Your ends are fine girl! You don't need a trim, the rest will catch up soon enough and even if the don't, it looks fine the way it is (i'm not the biggest fan of a blunt cut, I prefer a more natural, 'grown out' look).
    congrats again.

    1. Yay Abbi!! Hugz, Thanx so much! *blushes* lol. I not so sure that the inversion method gave me much extra growth, I remain skeptical. LOL, yes girl I carried everything with me! I like to make sure I know exactly whats being put in my hair, I have a healthy fear of hairdressers just doing away with my hard work and progress, lol. I think I'll definitely follow your advice about the not trimming, I'd feel sad to part with the ends especially since there aren't any splits. I think I'm gonna do another 10 weeks of protective styling and see what growth and retention I get in that time, hopefully I'll see some of the hair "catching up" with my current "ends". I really hope so! :-)