Yay! I've Reached Waistlength! A Special "Whats Rachie Up To?" Post... :-)

Hey There Guys!!!

I'm Happy to Report that I Texlaxed my hair on Wednesday June 11th 2014,
I've FINALLY Reached Waistlength!!!

Woot Woot! *Happy Dance*

The ends are on the Thinner side, but I expect that because I've had my share of setbacks in my journey, but to be at waist length right now is a big accomplishment for me, so I'LL TAKE IT!
I see no split ends at the moment, so I'll trim it next time (next texlax).
Thanks to all of my friends and family who have been really supportive, and listened to all my hair babble whether they wanted to or not, LOL...

The Texlax Day Itself - 11/06/2014:
  1. I went Scuba Diving over this last weekend (Saturday and Sunday), so I conditioned my hair like crazy between dive days, and deep conditioned with heat on Monday.
  2. I Made sure to coat my hair with conditioner before each dive like I had explained in my last post... :-D
  3. I redid my braids/plaits on Tuesday because they weren't the neatest after 2 days of swimming and a deep conditioning session
  4. After redoing the plaits I coated the Hair with Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner overnight and into the next day - Dry Deep Conditioning.

  5. The following day after a particularly tiring day of work I set off to get my Hair texlaxed, armed with all my usual products in my designated "Texlax Day" Bag.
  6. My Hairdresser Estelle did a great job!
  7. *Noteworthy* I suspect my hair was softer than usual this time because I had the conditioner in my hair at the time the relaxer was being applied, de-tangling after rinsing out the relaxer was a breeze!... hmm... I'll definitely be doing this again next time! :-D

So Yep, That's about it!
Still can't fully believe I've actually reached my goal, very humbling.

I'll Continue with my HHJ and see where it takes me next! 
Hopefully I'll be able to achieve thickness and length retention,

WHIP Length "Hair" I Come! :-D

Have a great Friday Guys,
HHJ to the World!

Rachie :-)


  1. yayyy!! "Go Rachel, Go Rachel" (remember that song? lol)
    Congrats girl. I bet the feeling of attaining such a massive goal is absolutely awesome.
    You should drink to that tonight! Cheers!

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

    1. Girl, IF?! Lol I'm so excited! I was Deddin at the "Go Rachel" song reference btw, brings back memories, lol. Thanks so much though, Uve been really nice and really supportive since I started blogging and I really appreciate it. Hugz :-) ill definately be having a celebratory drink/lime tonight!

  2. Congratulations on hitting waist length!

    Leah GRH

  3. Congrats girl cos the last time you put up a post, you'd just hit BSL. Well done...you must be doing a lot of things right to have hit the mark so soon.

    1. Ye girlie, I'm really happy! I dunno if I may have had a growth spurt, but I know for sure I definitely have been trying my best to stick to protective styles as much as possible, and I think that helped me to retain length. Thanks so much for stopping by and for ur encouragement! Hugz :-)

  4. Yay Rach! Awesome journey, thanks for sharing. Congratulations :D

    1. Yay Knakita!!! Thanx so much! Hugz :-)