Ceramide Challenge! :-)

Hey There Guys!
Let's Talk Ceramides!

I was blog-browsing the other day (one of my favourite past times, lol) when I came across a blog post from my hair-inspiration Jeni from Just Grow Already,
it was about a 30-day Ceramide Challenge
It looked really interesting! I had to admit that I had really fallen off of using my Grapseed Oil for Hot Oil Treatments these days. I mostly use it for moisturising & sealing.
Because everything Jeni does is awesome, (1 year post relaxer and her hair looks fab!) I decided to Join the Challenge right away! :-)
I didn't even know that Safflower Oil was Ceramide packed - I had it in my Box of Hair-Goodies collecting dust!
So I have Safflower Oil and I had Grapeseed Oil...
Let the Challenge Begin!

My Ceramide-Challenge Game Plan:
  1. Hot Oil Treatments: I'll use Safflower Oil mixed with Coconut Oil and a bit of Castor Oil for hot oil treatments prior to washing my hair. I will do this once a week.
  2. Sealing: As you already know, I use "Grapeseed Oil-Based Mix" at nights to seal in my leave-in conditioner's moisture. My Grapeseed Oil is starting to run out, and I have a full Bottle of Safflower Oil, so I may start using it as a substitute.
  3. Hair Butter: I've been experimenting of late with making body butters, and toying with the idea of doing butters for my hair - Shea butter Based. I saw this post: Jeni's Post #2 - Ceramide Butter and decided I'll take the plunge and make my Own with Shea Butter and Grapeseed/Safflower Oil. I think I'll use it as a Dry Deep Conditioner, maybe as a Sealant for a Braid-Out Prep? We will see! :-D
What do I hope to gain from this Challenge?
Increased hair health!! So I won't be focusing so much on length gain but rather thickness, softness and strength of my hair strands...
I'm excited!
The check in date is July 31st, I will have before and after photos ready, see you guys then.
Oh! and you can feel free to join in too on her website: here.

Okay, I'm gonna leave you now because its time for me to get ready for brunch, my other half is giving me a "side-eye" lol!

Laters Girlies!
Have a great Sunday!

Rachie :-)

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