Bamboo Tea For Hair Growth! :-)

Hey There!

I'm uber excited, because I just learned that my purchase of x2 30-day supply of Bamboo Tea has now shipped!

I can't wait to get it and try it out!

What is the big deal with Bamboo Tea? & What does it have to do with Hair Growth?
Bamboo tea is rich in Silica which is good for hair nail and skin health and strength.
Horsetail also has Silica:
*I haven't taken these in ages!*
 but a smaller amount (5-8% in horsetail supplements vs 70% found in bamboo tea)

My current multivitamin: Vitamin World Hair Skin and Nails Capsules have horsetail too,

 I've been reading Nadege's posts on Bamboo Tea from Relaxed Hair Health (This is her product by the way, awesome huh?!) as well as browsing vlog entries of different ladies on YouTube who have tried the "Bamboo Tea" Hair Growth Challenge and had great results!

longNhealthy and TressedForSuccess's 30 Day Bamboo Tea Challenge Results 
And I just had to give it a try!
I'm pumped!

As you know, I have an Updated Hair Goal:

My Basic Game plan for acheiving my Birthday Hair Goal by April 2015 is:
  1. Work on GROWTH
I'm Hoping the Tea will help me with part 1 of my game plan.

When I get my Tea in hand, I'll be starting a 30 day Bamboo Tea Challenge also #readytogetmyhairgrowthon!
I'll be updating you every step of the way, stay tuned!

Rachie :-)

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