Weekend Wash Day in Braids!

Hey There Guys!

So on Friday night I decided to Wash and Deep Condition because I'm on call for the weekend and I wanted to get it out of the way before Saturday morning! I didn't want any surprises mid-treatments LOL.

 So all of you know by now that I'm currently "rockin" braids, and I plan to for the next few months, as part of the "REGAIN LENGTH AND THICKNESS" Campaign
I did everything with the braids intact - to cut down on manipulation and thus reduce chances of breakage...

(1) Coated the hair with Vatika Oil and let that sit for about 25 minutes
(2) I then hopped into the shower and washed my hair with "Doo Grow Moisturizing Gro SHampoo"
HOLD UP where did this new Shampoo come from you ask??!!
It turns out my beloved Design Essentials Moisture Retention Shampoo is all finished 
And I have quite a few products sitting around that I don't use really,
so I just picked this one up and used it. Turns out it was pretty decent - not as stripping or drying to the hair as I thought it would be!
(3) I Then coated the Hair with a hearty helping of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner, covered with a plastic cap and then tied with a scarf and..... FELL ASLEEP!
Turns out I was more tired than I thought, Oopsie Daisy! LOL
I don't usually do overnight deep conditioning, but clearly the universe was telling me to try it out for 2015
(4) The following morning I took of the scarf and plastic cap and coated my hair with about 2 tablespoons of Vatika Oil
(5) I then hopped into the shower again and rinsed out the Conditioner and Oil with warm water, followed by cold water
(6) I did not do an AVC Rinse - I need to stock up at the supermarket, another oops! smh.
(7) I coated my hair with a bit oil my Oil Mix that I use for sealing: Grapeseed + Castor Oil, Focusing on the roots and the ends especially

(8) I wrapped my hair in a cotton shirt for 10 mins, then AIR DRIED my hair using the Scarf Method - it basically dried in the car on my way to work.
RESULTS: My hair feels Really Soft! YAY! In fact, it felt so soft I was wondering if I should really put on a leave-in conditioner...
BUT if anything this HHJ has taught me, its this: PUT IN YOUR LEAVE IN CONDITIONER RACHEL! LOL, so I did put a bit Of the Profectiv Mega Growth Break-free Leave-in Conditioner, and that was it!
My hair still feels uber soft,
woot woot!

That was about it really, easy peezy! :-) and nil detangling, so NIL BREAKAGE! Yeah I'm all about that Length Retention life! Lol.

On Wednesday I will do a Dry Deep Conditioning Session and on the following weekend (on Sunday evening) I'll do another Wash and Deep Conditioning Session.

I hope yall are having a good weekend! Anyone out there doing long term protective styling this year - weaves, braids, twists, buns..? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from ya (I'd love the company)! #protectivestylinginsolidarity! 
Have a great weekend guys!

Rachie :-)


  1. Is it that your plait your own hair or you wear braid extensions

    1. Hey Shantel! Yep its my own hair. No extensions at the moment, though I'm considering putting some in in the near future to switch up my style a bit. Thanks so much for stopping by! :-) Hope you're having a good Sunday :-)

  2. Thanks for replying. My hair is basically the same length as yours but because i have my ends in a blunt cut the braiding of my own hair would not work. Its all about retaining my length for this year as well. Apart from braids, do you do any other styles that last up to 2 or 3 weeks? Have you ever thought of crotchet braids?

    1. Girl I wish! I dunno, I think my hair can just go up to 10 days without looking messy. AND I notice that's the best time to redo my style to avoid tangles, for me at least. So it's basically twists and braids for me 10 days - maybe 2 weeks if I'm lucky - at a time. I haven't tried crochet braids before, but I would love to give them a try! I think I'll try box braids with extensions first though in February, and see how that goes. Do you do crochet braids? and if so do they work well for you?