Rachie's 5 Tips for Stretching Your Relaxer... :-)

Hey There!

Today, Yours truly is 11 weeks and 4 days post Texlax, 

It may not seem like much now, but on reflection, I realize this is almost a MONTH more than how often I used to relax my hair, pre-hhj!

In the spirit of gratefulness, hehehe :-)
I decided to share with you guys 5 of my relaxer-stretch tips that I've gathered along my HHJ:
1. I Don't have a Relaxer Date Scheduled! 
How exactly does that help you ask? Well! Did you ever notice when you give yourself a number of push-ups or crunches to do, just when you are about the reach the end, everything becomes x10 as hard?! It's mind over matter! 
Likewise, If I give myself a scheduled relaxer date, I notice I become less patient with my hair, and the new growth "seems harder to deal with"
If I forget about it, and just baby my hair as normal, I find that the weeks go by a lot smoother, and before I know it I'm at 10 weeks!

2. Keeping the new growth and the line of Demarcation WELL MOISTURIZED
I'm sure you've all heard this a million times, lord knows I have, and yet, every now and then I slip up, and if I slip up with 1 inch of new growth or more.... I pay dearly with Tangles and all other such fun stuff.
Moisturizing & Sealing at Nights
Baggying Method/GHE Method
Deep Conditioning at least once per week with heat/overnight - up to you and what your hair likes best
Hot Oil Treatments - eeps! it's been a while since I've done this one! Naughty naughty me

3. Keep The New Growth Stretched
I keep mine stretched by keeping my hair in braids or twists for most of the time. When I wash and then allow my hair to Air Dry in the braids- the hair remains stretched and detangled, score-ness!
Other ways you can stretch your hair are:
Roller setting
Blow drying +/- Flat Ironing the new growth
My hair isn't a fan of heat, but if you can get away with this one, I'd recommend not doing it too often, and make sure you use a heat protectant every time! #regretssuck!

4. Leave it alone as much as possible
Less opportunity to be frustrated with your hair, the less opportunity for breakage, which is the MAIN issue when it comes to stretching - breakage at the line of demarcation.
Protective Styling to the rescue!

5. Baby Your Hair As Much As Possible
When You DO handle your hair, try your very best to be patient and gentle. The infamous "snap" sound tells you perhaps you have to be even gentler. This goes especially for fine hair, colour treated or heat damaged hair - that is more prone to breakage.

Yuppers, That's about it!
If you guys have any other tips or suggestions, I'm all ears; sharing is caring, lol!
Feel free to leave a comment below.

Rachie :-)
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