How to Texlax!

Hey There Girlies!
I've been asked on numerous occasions:
(1) What is Texlaxing?
(2) Okay so how exactly do you Texlax?
(3) How do YOU Texlax?

So finally I've gotten around to being able to answer the questions! Yay!
So here we go!


Wash Day Experience! and Obama Reach Jamdown! :-)

Hey There!

How are you guys? I hope that you had a great Easter Holiday and/or are having a great Passover :-) 
I was workin unfortunately through the ENTIRE Easter Holiday...
 #thatslife #lifesnotfairsometimes #turningnegativesintopositivessincejanuary2015

So as usual, when I'm super busy, my wash day stretches over a 2-3 day span if I'm on call. I know I will not get a 4 hour span to pamper it the way I would want to because I am always weary my phone will ring and I'll have to drop what I'm doing and go.

So Wash Day Day 1: