Wash Day! Flexirod Set on Texlaxed Hair :-)

Hey There Girlies!
Flexirod Set on Texlaxed Hair, yay! :-)
Oooo, curls!! But I'm getting ahead of myself, LOL, we soon get the juicy part,
Let us proceed...

#FitnessFriday - The Sunday Morning Check-In :-)

Hey There!
Happy Sunday to Everyone!
Yes yes I know its Sunday, I missed Friday by almost 48 hours, eeps! oh well, I DID exercise! So Thumbs up to me and all you ladies that followed along, I LUV a plan and a goal, it just makes things so much easier and track-able.

PROS of this Week:
(1) The Midday Jump Rope session is a God-send! Honestly for anyone who has a ridiculously busy schedule like I do,

Wash Day! :-) Back to Braids!

Hey There Guys!

Wash Day this last weekend wasn't bad, per say,
I managed to do a much needed protein treatment,
Yay! - that's the sound my hair made post wash, Lol!
But I aint gonna lie, I was TIRED through the whole thing.
But what you gonna do?
The hair needs what the hair needs! So you've just got to soldier on! 

Fitness Friday: I Challenge Myself to Get Fit!

Hey There!

This is a quick check in post to let you guys know that I have decided to challenge myself to exercise daily.

Exercise is important for so many aspects of our health, that it SHOULD be in everyone's daily routine,
BENEFITS of Exercise include:

  1. Prevents Weight Gain & helps to Maintain Weight Loss
  2. Helps to keep Chronic Medical Illnesses at Bay, such as Diabetes, high Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol
  3. Improves Mood - That's for sure! When I'm not exercising enough I feel more lethargic and grumpy than normal.
  4. Boost Energy! - Lord knows I need all I can get these days!
  5. It can be FUN! When you get into the routine of it, its actually a lot nicer than you think, More FUN less CHORE :-)

and hair-wise :-) : I notice that I tend to have better hair growth when I am exercising daily and eating well...
Hehehe its a nice plus, I not goin' Lie, LOL! *winks*

All these benefits and YET,

Bamboo Tea For Hair Growth! :-)

Hey There!

I'm uber excited, because I just learned that my purchase of x2 30-day supply of Bamboo Tea has now shipped!

I can't wait to get it and try it out!


What is the big deal with Bamboo Tea? & What does it have to do with Hair Growth?
Bamboo tea is rich in Silica which is good for hair nail and skin health and strength.
Horsetail also has Silica:
*I haven't taken these in ages!*
 but a smaller amount (5-8% in horsetail supplements vs 70% found in bamboo tea)

Wash Day after SCUBA! :-)

Hey There Guys!

We are here again for yet another Wash Day Check in! :-)
This weekend, Sunday to be exact, I went Scuba Diving!
Its been too long - almost 2 months!
Work has kept me really busy.

As usual it was great! I do have to prepare my hair Pre-Dive though, because essentially I'm soaking my hair in salt water for just under 2 hours for that day


A Series of Unfortunate Big Chops! :-)

Yup this is a picture of me,
This is a "Throwback Picture" of me that my fiance' found earlier on this week.
This was taken when I was doing my internship in Barbados I think in the latter part of 2010 or early 2011.
I was at a time in my "Hair Life" when My hair had had a growth spurt out of nowhere, I was so happy! With my extra-happy-self, I then decided to go to the Hairdresser to get it Layered...
(My hairdresser stories are the stuff of Halloween camp fire-side tales..)
Back to the story! So..
While in the chair, I kept trying to look at the floor to see how much was being cut off
At one point I glimpsed approx 3 inch thick pieces lifeless on the tiles,
I started to panic!
 But back then I was a silent sufferer,

Wash Day? :-)

Hey There Guys!

My mid-week "Wash Day" wasn't a Wash Day really it quickly became a Dry Deep Conditioning Session.
As you know, I Deep Condition twice a week & often times one of these sessions is a "Dry Deep Conditioning Session"
I do these Sessions so that I can give my hair the moisture it needs even when I am uber busy.
I have been very very very busy of late, I feel like a broken record saying this, but its true!
My hair doesn't care about my plight though,
Not at all!
She's just like:"Ye, dat nice, where's the moisture though? You Forgot?! Okay, Well allow me to fix your business Rach :-)" #breakage

So! back to Wash Day/Dry Deep Conditioning Quickie:

After The Last Wash Day I had put my hair in Plaits with a Scarf for work:

I grew tired of it after a single day so I did a Braid-Out which I eventually put into a Bun the Following Day:
Tuesday Night I was Not feeling that braid out much at all, and it felt a little on the dry side - AC at work is really drying some days,

So I opted for Dry Deep Conditioning:
  • I wet my hands and ran them along my hair in 4 sections to VERY LIGHTLY Moisten the hair but not to the point where it was wet.
  • I proceeded to Finger Detangle each section, then Detangled each section with a Denman Brush.
  • Profectiv Mega Growth Daily Leave-In Strengthener was applied to each section and plaited
  • Plastic cap, then under the dryer for 15 mins.
  • Sealed with Sweet Almond Oil + Castor Oil, because I'm out of Grapeseed Oil! :-(
  • Left cap off and allowed to Air dry
  • I then separated each plait and then combed it out with a wide toothed comb:
    Very little hair came out, Yayness! :-)
  • I then put on a head band and put my hair in a bun and went to work!

Yeppers so that's about it! Nothing big and exciting, I'll be doing a regular wash day with a moisturizing shampoo on Saturday or Sunday

I've joined the 30 Days Without Heat Challenge!
I'll let you guys know how that's going and what my plans are in a post coming soon :-)
Feel free to join along, just CLICK HERE

Check out how these other Ladies' Wash Days Went:

The Wash Day Experience
*I didn't put my link up this week because mine wasn't a true "Wash Day" per say, but I encourage you ladies to check out these other ladies Wash Days, because we can all stand to learn a thing or two, or be motivated in some way!

Have a Great week!

Rachie :-)


My Updated Hair Goal!!

Hey There Guys!

While doing my Last post "Birthday Hair Tag" I was going through my Hairstyles & Hair Inspiration Board on Pinterest for pictures that best described the hair I'd love to rock (if I could) on my Birthday...
And I came across one particular picture I had forgotten I pinned a while back, but for some reason it really stood out at me the other day...
Guys is this not Perfection?
I knew immediately, THIS is my Hair Inspiration for my Next Birthday, April 2015!
I don't expect my hair to be exactly like anyone else's hair,
but rather,
the Thicker Healthier Version of my own hair,
Rachie 2.0!
*Notice the thinner relaxed ends vs the thicker texlaxed section - breakage at the line of demarcation is a bummer, plus my straighter hair looks thinner that the more textured hair in general*
 So at some point I'll have to cut off these thinner ends - planning to do it very gradually, on a monthly basis.
Time to get some GROWTH and LENGTH RETENTION in High Gear!
Woot woot!
I'm feeling all rejuvenated over here! Lol

Do you guys have any Hair Inspiration/Goal pics that keep you motivated on your HHJ?
Drop me a line or 2 below!

Rachie :-)

Check out My "Hairstyles & Hair Inspiration Board"
Get your Motivation on!

Birthday Hair Tag! Yayness! :-)

Hey There!

This is a quick post that's actually a Birthday Hair Tag, sent to me from Abbi from 
She just recently celebrated 1 year of having a hair blog!
I now appreciate how much work goes into maintaining one, whew! and hers looks fabulous!
(...and so does this cupcake, but I'm hungry... I digress, LOL)

So on to The Birthday Tag Questions...

Wash Day! :-)

Hey There Guys!
Yup yup its that time again, Wash Day Recap! This past weekend I did not do a Wash Day,
What I did do was a
Dry Deep Conditioning Session with my trusty
Profectiv Daily Strengthening leave-In Conditioner:
I took down my Twists,
Applied Conditioner to hair in 2 sections,
2 large twists made,
Plastic cap placed over hair and heat (overhead dryer) for 15mins
Sealed with a bit of Grapeseed Oil + Castor Oil mix (Focusing on the ends).
The hair felt soft and moisturized so
I just did Buns for the rest of the weekend until Tuesday:

Yesterday I started my (mid-week) Wash Day